Laboratory Water Analysis

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Both Micro and Chemistry analysis available.

Water Analysis Service

Feedwater is the only UK water treatment company with its own in-house UKAS accredited laboratory for Legionella Testing and chemical and micro-biological water analysis.

This unique facility provides a quick and accurate analysis service for water and deposit samples giving our Consultants the necessary information to help solve your problems.

You can now buy these ready to use sample kits online, our popular legionella sample kits start and just £49 and reduce £29 for bulk orders, all kits include return postage and the analysis with certificate of results. Other analysis such as TVC only and Pseudomonas can be ordered online for just £21.

These tests are now available to buy in our online shop click here

Typical analyses available:

  • legionella labatory analysisLegionella *
  • Aerobic Colony Count *
  • Coliforms and E. coli *
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa *
  • Other Pseudomonas species
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Full range of water chemistry tests
  • Metals & Heavy metals testing
  • Chemical & Mineral suite
  • Corrosion and scale deposit analysis
  • COD, suspended solids & effluent analysis
  • Corrosion measurement and assessment

* These tests are covered in our UKAS accreditation Schedule.

pdf downloadDownload our current UKAS Accreditation Schedule.

How can I arrange sampling?

We offer a service where we take samples from your systems, (identifying sampling points if required) or we provide sample bottles and mailing packs so that you can collect the samples and courier them to us for rapid analysis. This service is available to both our UK and overseas customers.

Legionella sampling and all types of water testing can be carried out on a one-off or contract basis. Contact us to discuss your water analysis requirements.

Other Water Testing Services from Feedwater

As well as water analysis, we provide a comprehensive range of legionella control services:

Legionella Testing & Analysis

Feedwater have made the deliberate decision to be a Centre of Excellence for legionella control, using our own in-house laboratory accredited by UKAS we have stringent legionella analysis & testing services. Being highly knowledgeable in Legionella our laboratory is always a top performers in the HPA EQA scheme.*

Please visit our Legionella Testing page to find out more.

Download a FREE web-friendly copy of the L8 Guidance Note (0.5Mb download).

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