Laboratory Water Analysis

As a water treatment company the analytical investigation of water is an important aspect of our service which is why we operate two in-house laboratories for Microbiological & Chemistry testing; processing 10,000s of samples per year.

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laboratory water testing

Water Analysis Service

Feedwater has two laboratories, a UKAS accredited micro bacteriological laboratory which makes us the only UK water treatment service company with an in-house UKAS accredited laboratory for Legionella Testing and a chemistry laboratory which allows us to offer exceptional service to our clients providing technical and analytical assistance where needed.

To simplify the ordering process we have opened up this service as a complete package which can be ordered online through our webshop by anyone who requires assistance in identifying water contaminates, bacterial presence, water treatment levels or the makeup of elements which define its character including metals.

How the Process Works

  • Order Sample Kit Online Below
  • Receive Sampling Kit By Post
  • Fill Bottle & Fill Out Form
  • Return Freepost
  • Wait For Your Results
  • Analytical Certificate Sent Via Email

Reasons to Choose Feedwater

  • You can order securely online
  • Our micro lab is UKAS accredited for Legionella, E. Coli, TVCs & Pseudomonas
  • Our Chemistry lab specialises in problem-solving industrial water systems
  • We have created ready-made analysis testing suites for common requests
  • You can build your own chemistry analysis package
  • All in one price for the sample kit, return postage & results

Common Questions

If you don’t quite know what test you require one of these questions may sum it up, just tap the button to be taken to the analysis package or page explaining if and what you might want to test for.

Note: One misconception domestic/residential customers often have is that the lab can simply test your water to find out what is in it, unfortunately, there is no magic machine which can tell you everything in the water. The way our analysis works is we have test suites which test for a group of parameters related to a certain issue such as general bacterial levels or the general water profile.

Below are our analysis packages, we have divided them up and they are ordered Microbiological Analysis, Chemistry Analysis and Metals Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

For identifying the presence of certain bacteria, general water hygiene and potability/drinkability.


Legionella – bacteria tested for by businesses with a Legionella Risk Assessment undertaking L8 Legionella Control

Water Hygiene – Testing for water hygiene and potability: is it drinkable from a bacterial standpoint

Other Micro Analysis – Non UKAS accredited

Chemistry Analysis

Packages for testing chemical levels in industrial water systems, investigating the source of leak water and observations on water profile & tendencies.


Domestic – Observational analysis for drinking water, investigating leaks & domestic heating system

Investigation – Comparing analysis or building your own package

Industrial – Analysis for industrial water systems measuring water profile and chemical treatment levels

Metals Analysis

Packages looking at the metals content of water including heavy metals in drinking water, wastewater and other applications.

Analysis Available

  • Legionella *
  • Aerobic Colony Count *
  • Coliforms and E. coli *
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa *
  • Other Pseudomonas species
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Full range of water chemistry tests
  • Metals & Heavy metals testing
  • Chemical & Mineral suite
  • Corrosion and scale deposit analysis
  • COD, suspended solids & effluent analysis
  • Corrosion measurement and assessment

* These tests are covered in our UKAS accreditation Schedule.

Some of these analyses may not be available to order online, in which case, please fill out the contact form below and one of our scientists will be in contact to discuss your water or deposit analysis further.

pdf downloadDownload our current UKAS Accreditation Schedule.

pdf downloadDownload our current UKAS Certificate of Accreditation.

Legionella Testing & Analysis

Feedwater has made the deliberate decision to be a Centre of Excellence for legionella control, using our own in-house laboratory accredited by UKAS we have stringent legionella analysis & testing services. Being highly knowledgeable in Legionella our laboratory is always a top performer in the HPA EQA scheme.* More recently Feedwater has been pioneering a new rapid legionella analysis using qPCR technology to count Legionella DNA with results in as little as 8 hours.

Please visit our Legionella Testing page to find out more. 

Download a FREE web-friendly copy of the L8 Guidance Note (0.5Mb download).

Sampling as a Service – How can I arrange sampling?

If you require a service where we visit site to perform one-off or periodic sampling we can arrange for one of our local consultants to take on this role, if required they may also be able to assist in identifying sampling points, in the case of Legionella sampling it is a requirement for businesses that a legionella risk assessment is performed to identify risk to people and which outlets need to be periodically sampled.

If you think you may require a legionella risk assessment please speak to us. In many cases it is simpler and much more cost effective to order sample kits from us online, these include sample bottles and prepaid mailing packs so that you can collect the samples and courier them to us for rapid analysis. This service is available to both our UK and overseas customers (for certain analysis).

Legionella sampling and all types of water testing can be carried out on a one-off or contract basis. Contact us to discuss your water analysis requirements.

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