E.Coli Coliforms & TVC – Microbial Potability Water Analysis

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  • Each unit includes one bottle for one sample
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery return packet. (To drop off at Post Office)
  • UKAS Water Testing covers E. Coli, Coliforms & TVC in potable waters
  • Expert Advice & Interpretation available at no additional cost
  • Simply fill the bottle, return and wait for reported results.

Insulated Special Delivery Return Packet now included in the price.

We require a full 250ml sample to be able to perform this test. Refunds will not be offered where minimum sample requirements are not met.

This analysis is not suitable for sea or river water analysis.

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UKAS E. Coli, Coliform & TVC Test Kit

  • Includes E. Coli, Coliforms & TVC
  • Free sampling pack
  • Insulated/pre-paid return packaging
  • Expert interpretation and advice available
  • Immediate reporting of any positive results
  • Confidential service
  • Multi-buy discounts

Arranging for a microbial potability laboratory analysis report has never been easier – This analysis is to report on the quality of drinking water and includes *E. Coli, Coliforms & TVC/Aerobic colony count. You simply click and pay and we will send you a sampling pack and instructions. You collect the sample and post it back to us in the pre-paid package provided. We will start the analysis immediately and send you the results as soon as they are available.

Unlike other labs which simply give you results, Feedwater, specialises in solving water-related problems so we can explain what the results mean and can provide a full range of services to help you resolve your problem.

*TVC/Aerobic Colony Count is a basic measure of bacterial activity in a water sample. No limits are set for this in the UK but it is possible to interpret the result to indicate potential poor water hygiene issues.

The Water Supply Regulations 2010 lay out the parameters required for water standards in the UK, the Drinking Water Inspectorate regulates this in England, you can find information on this on the DWI site here (p94).

Here is a brief reference table:

Maximum allowed in
drinking water
The point where the
legal standards apply
Directive Requirements
Enterococci0 /100mlConsumers' taps
Escherichia coli
(E. coli)
0 /100mlConsumers' taps
National Requirements
Escherichia coli
(E. coli)
0 /100mlService reservoirs and
water treatment works
Coliform bacteria0 /100mlService reservoirs and
water treatment works

Please note Enterococci is not included in this analysis, see – Enterococci Testing.

What systems should be sampled for E. Coli?

  • Care homes (Every six months)
  • Health care premises (Every six months)
  • Larger buildings operating to BS8558 (Every six months)
  • Bore holes / Wells / Private Springs (Every six months)
  • Poultry / Broiler Farm Drinking Lines
  • Any person who needs reassurance of the quality of their drinking water

E. Coli water testing is done to analyse water for fecal contamination whether animal or other sewage contamination, E. Coli (Escherichia coli) is often not dangerous but is used as an indicator that the water is contaminated with other dangerous bacteria. Along with Coliform and TVC/Aerobic Colony Count, this microbial potability (drinking) water analysis can be used to give a good indication of the quality of the water and whether disinfection or other control measures need to be taken.


We include a pre-paid Special Delivery mailbag with your packet, you must be able to get to a post office same day as sampling. If you know this isn’t possible speak to us about our courier collection option (this is at extra charge).

To ensure the sample analysis is accurate we must stress the customer take these steps in its return:

  • Freeze gel packs over night and place in insulated box.
  • Sample in the morning and take the packet to the Post Office before last collection.

This product requires insulated packaging to prevent the bacterial levels from changing in the post, the insulated packaging is therefore mandatory.

If you bulk order and will be sending samples back individually or in other amounts you will need us to send you individual insulated packages to return the samples. We have insulated packs of differing sizes so you can allocate as many samples as you wish to a single pack all for one price.

It is essential the sample be taken and posted the same day to arrive within 24 hours to ensure accurate analysis. Samples can be taken Monday to Thursday but not Friday as the lab is not open weekends.


Full results are ready after 3 days however the important results for E.Coli and Coliforms are available after day one of testing. You will be notified immediately of any significant E. Coli results.

Advice for what to test your water for

Chemistry and other Micro Sample Kits available

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This analysis is suitable for those who would like their drinking (potable) water to be tested for heavy metals as a basic check against regulatory limits. This analysis is suitable as an indication when measured against DWI guidelines but cannot act as a certification that the water is safe to drink.

Metals being tested for:

  • Lead
  • Boron
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Antimony
  • Nickel
  • Selenium
  • Aluminium
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Sodium

For a wider water screen for chemical analysis or hygiene you may want to add chemical potability and microbial potability.

Add additional parameters to your analysis with our Pick & Mix (Additional parameters will be shown on report but no comment in relation to potability)

Chemical Potability (Drinking) Water Analysis

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Break down of parameters in each analysis in description below.

Simply fill the bottle, return in the prepaid envelope and wait for results.

Uses of analysis to identify:

  • Possible cause of scale or corrosion including galvanic
  • Possible cause of taste issues
  • Possible cause of staining or discolouration
  • Cause of ‘eggy smell’ in water
  • Common toxins

Lead Time: Up to 12 working days

For a wider water screen for toxicity or hygiene reasons you may want to add potable metals and microbial potability.

To add additional testing parameters see our pick and mix page.

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