Cooling Tower Clean & Disinfection

Feedwater are experts in Cooling Water Treatment & as founder members of the Legionella Control Association our customers can be confident in our products & services.
Our services include thorough hands on clean and disinfection services, including Activ-Ox high cling foam for insitu pack cleaning and boroscope video proofs.

Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

In order to minimise the risk of Legionnaires’ disease and comply with the requirements of ACoP L8 a cooling tower chemical treatment should be performed in order to clean and disinfect the system regularly to remove fouling that can provide a growth environment for Legionella bacteria. The normal process involves Cooling Tower Chlorination incorporating additional bio-dispersant, physical cleaning and then further post chlorination before the system is returned safely to service. Where practical and within the agreed scope of works, the cooling tower packing may be removed for additional inspection and cleaning.
Feedwater also has experience in cleaning Hyperbolic cooling towers, enquire to find out more.

Value Added Services

  • Photographic Digital Reports
  • Packout cleans & in-situ cleans using disinfecting high cling foam
  • Boroscope pack inspection videos
  • Reports uploaded to audit friendly portal

Foam Cleaning

Feedwater also offer a unique service, foam cleaning cooling towers, a highly effective disinfection method incorporating Activ-Ox®, our patented Chlorine Dioxide chemistry, which is ideal for in-situ disinfection and cleaning of cooling tower packing. A full report of all works is produced identifying areas requiring remedial action and where required, a photographic report showing the cooling tower condition.
Foam cleaning is especially useful where pack removal is impractical due to tower design or if pack condition makes it likely to break up with removal.

Download our Activ-Ox Foam Cleaning Leaflet here

Boroscopic Video Reports

This is a form of visual assessment and is detailed in HSG274 Part 1 as an effective means of determining the level of fouling or deposition in representative sections of the tower pack. This can be done on removed pack or in-situ where removal is not possible.

Why get a boroscope report?

  • Confirm the effectiveness of the current treatment regime
  • Determine future treatment or cleaning regime
  • Support decision to reduce frequency of pack out cleans

Cooling Tower Maintenance Repair and Refurbishment

We provide a comprehensive inspection service and can carry out any necessary cooling tower repairs. Cooling tower refurbishment may include, as appropriate, the replacement of air inlet louvres, drift eliminators, cooling tower packing / fill, repairs to the distribution systems, replacement of spray nozzles, fan repairs and sump painting/coating. If you feel like doing it yourself we can provide a full range of cooling tower packing, drift eliminators and other components at competitive prices.

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