Poultry Farm Chlorine Dioxide Applications

Chlorine Dioxide Generators are the conventional means of treating water with ClO2 but they aren't the best way of delivering chlorine dioxide..
Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide has proved a better yield & lower cost per bird for British broiler farms than low quality competitor products which are over priced and give a poor reaction.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment for Broiler/Poultry/Pullet Farms

Chlorine dioxide has gained popularity in the poultry farm sector as a water treatment solution due to a number of beneficial factors:

  • Chlorine dioxide is a proven fast and broad-spectrum disinfectant for animal drinking water systems.
  • The compound is effective over a wide pH range (4-10).
  • Is less corrosive than simple chlorine chemicals.
  • Already effective at low dosing rates.
  • A powerful & potent oxidiser in water.
  • Highly effective at removing biofilm in water distribution lines.
  • No formation of chlorinating by-products (Tri-Halo-Methanes)

But not all Chlorine Dioxide systems were made equal, in fact, most systems use low yielding chemistry at inflated prices, read on to learn about Activ-Ox and how it can save you money time and worry.

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What is Activ-Ox?

Activ-Ox® is Feedwater’s patented Chlorine Dioxide generation process. It is simpler, safer and more effective than other ways of producing chlorine dioxide the chemistry is very simple and requires the activation of two precursor chemicals. Activ-Ox was developed by Feedwater to treat potable (drinking) and industrial water systems to disinfect and prevent the growth of unwanted or dangerous bacteria such as Legionella.
Because of the simplicity and uniqueness of the chemistry Feedwater developed, the Activ-Ox concept could be adapted to many more applications than conventional ClO2 systems. Feedwater developed a simplified dosing system to dose the chemical which required no storage of gas instead just requiring a small reaction tee piece as the chemical reaction is instant and high yielding, meaning it can flow directly into the water stream being treated.

Why is Activ-Ox a better choice for Poultry drinking water treatment?

As explained above, Activ-Ox chemistry has enabled the product to be adapted to many more applications one of which is poultry / broiler / pullet farm water distribution channel treatment. Feedwater has found that competitor products targeted at the chicken farming market have offered simple reaction in a tank solutions. However the inferior chemistry offered by these products meant that reaction times took anywhere up to several hours and even once reacted the yield was poor and not cost effective at all. While this method of dosing does offer convenience and Feedwater chemistry will support this method of dosing; Feedwater provide and recommend the Activ-Ox developed dosing system which reacts the chemical within a heavy duty tee piece at the time of demand. We believe our solution for chlorine dioxide in poultry water is the best solution and for any farms currently using competitor products we offer guidance to allow the trailing of Activ-Ox against your current regime with a simple chlorine dioxide testing kit so you can see our chemistry is not only cheaper upfront but offers the highest yield of reacted chemical.
The Activ-Ox chemistry means that we only need a weak food & water approved acid as part of our two part pre-cursor reaction, the compound can work on and eliminate biofilm, take out sulphur odours and prevents mineral build up making the removal of iron from your water simpler and effective.

Watch our instant high yielding reaction

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Activ-Ox® Lite

The Activ-Ox Lite represents an answer to requests by broiler farms to offer a dosing system similar to setups already present at their other farms. The Lite system offers the option of storing pre-activated chemical in the bunded tank with the simplicity of dosage control by a water meter.
The system represent a no frills approach and has limited safety features.
It should be noted that pre-activating the chemical to sit in the tank can lead to deterioration of ClO2 strength over time.
Watch our Activ-Ox chemical reaction video above to see our instant high yielding chemistry to see why Activ-Ox chemicals are better.

Activ-Ox® 3200 Dosing System

The Activ-Ox 3200 is Feedwater’s developed dosing system designed specifically for our unique chemistry, while the chemical can react instantly providing a near 100% yield to be stored in a tank, there are many significant advantages to dosing via the 3200 unit.

  • No Storage of hazardous chemical
  • No risk of gas
  • Low chemical level beacons
  • No chemical handling
  • Calculated dosage
  • Chemical is stronger for longer
  • Option for telemetric upgrade (email and text warnings)

See the demonstration video above right for more information.

Activ-Ox 2000 Full Demo Video

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