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Legionnaires disease is a potentially fatal infection with members of the bacterial genus Legionella. The disease is caught by the inhalation of droplets of water from water systems containing the organism at high levels. Although Legionnaires disease is relatively rare, other, less serious, infections also occur, such as Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever. The true numbers of Legionella infections are not known but the detected outbreaks attract massive publicity and could cause system operators to be prosecuted for serious offences. The HSE publishes guidance on Legionella control and Legionella Testing, known as L8. Complying with L8 helps you to comply with the law.

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Legionella Analysis & Control

legionella labatory analysisWe have taken a deliberate decision to be a Centre of Excellence for legionella control, and this is one of the reasons why we are the only UK water treatment company to have its own in-house laboratory accredited by UKAS to carry out legionella analysis & legionnaires testing services. As a further differentiator Feedwater are now one of the only labs in the country to have a qPCR machine for Legionella analysis in under 24hrs! We are legionella experts and our laboratory is always one of the top performers in the HPA EQA scheme.

This means that you can not only be confident of the accuracy of the test results, but also be assured that they will be available in the shortest
possible time, with the appropriate interpretation available both from highly-qualified laboratory personnel and our technical service team.

24Hr Results for Legionella Testing

As well as the standard CULTURE method which is accredited by UKAS, we also offer the qPCR rapid screening method that can potentially provide legionella testing results on the day the sample comes in! This is particularly useful in a high risk situation or when a quick answer is required such as for cooling towers or the hotel industry where waiting for news of a negative result can mean rooms out of use for over a week.
So if you want to organise Legionella sampling, or you are worried about Legionnaires’ Disease then Contact Us today.

*The HSE publication “Legionnaires’ Disease: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (L8)”, states that legionella testing should only be undertaken by laboratories which are accredited to do so by UKAS and who take part in the Health Protection Agency external quality assessment scheme.

pdf downloadNew 2013 L8 guidelines released, links can be found here

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Testing for Legionella in water is recommended in L8. Testing can help you to identify possible sources of infection and assist in the overall management of your water system. Our UKAS accredited laboratory is a centre for excellence in Legionella control and analyses thousands of samples every year using internationally approved methods. Samples can either be collected by our sampling teams or taken by you and sent to our lab by post.

How does postal sampling work?

(Legionella sampling kits now available in our online shop)

  • Feedwater will send you appropriate sterile bottles together with a prepaid postage label, packaging and comprehensive instructions
  • You select a sample point and take the sample
  • You post it to the lab on the day of sampling together with your contact details including email address
  • We will process the sample and report the results to you by pdf email as soon as the sample is complete
  • We will tell you what the results mean so you can undertake any corrective action

* These tests are covered in our UKAS accreditation Schedule

pdf downloadDownload our current UKAS Accreditaton Schedule

How can I arrange Legionella sampling?

We offer a service where we take samples from your systems, (identifying sampling points if required) Legionella sampling and all types of water testing can be carried out on a one-off or contract basis. Contact us to discuss your water analysis requirements.

If you wish to sample yourself then you can we offer sample kits in our web shop for easy online ordering, simple fill, return and wait for your results. Micro Web Shop.