Laboratory Water Analysis

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Order your microbiological and chemical water analysis requirements here. UKAS accredited on indicated analysis.
Click and pay and we will send you an easy to use sampling pack complete with instructions. You then take your water sample, complete the analysis request form and return the sample to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelope supplied. Once the analysis is complete we will send you the analysis certificate by email.

Our most popular microbiological water tests to buy on-line include: legionella analysis; pseudomonas; microbiological potability and total viable counts (TVC).

Our range of chemical water analysis to buy on-line include tests for: chemical potability, various process analysis and testing for metals and heavy metals.

Featured Products: Legionella Analysis & Pick & Mix Chemical Analysis

Create your own Analysis

The Pick & Mix chemical analysis is a grouped analysis product where the buyer can choose which chemical parameters they require for their analysis.

With a variety of minerals, metals and analytical tests available, if you can’t find the parameter you are looking for talk to us and we may be able add it.

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