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Legionella Control

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Our chemicals and services can protect you from legionella and other microbial growth.

Cooling Water Chemicals

Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of a range of high quality cooling tower treatment chemicals for UK and export.

If not treated correctly, a cooling system can rapidly become choked with scale and corrosion products and become a breeding ground for all manner of problematic microbes. The cooling tower itself can become fouled with microbial slime, algal growths and if incorrectly treated can be the cause of legionnaires disease.

Problems are invariably inter-related and a comprehensive treatment programme is required which will involve corrosion inhibitorsscale inhibitorspolymer dispersant and micro biocides.

Chemicals with service

Any treatment programme is only as good as the service that accompanies it and we’ve been treating cooling towers and cooling systems for over 35 years. So contact us today for all your service requirements.

Own Label Chemicalsown label cooling chemicals

We can supply you with our products with your own label on the drum. So if you are a service company, a tower supplier, refrigeration specialist, or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you.

Export Distributors Wanted

We are always looking for professional overseas partners and distributors, so if you are a water treatment specialist looking for an alternative supplier for your products, or you believe you have the capability to establish a high quality service operation in your own territory, then please contact us.

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Cooling Water Inhibitors

Our comprehensive range of corrosion and scale inhibitors are selected to match the water chemistry, system metallurgy and operating conditions in order to provide maximum protection.

Coolguard products are multi-functional formulations incorporating threshold agents, multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and polymer dispersant as standard. They designed to be as forgiving as possible and provide simple but effective control across a broad range of applications.

BuyOnlineButtonCoolguard 185X – Multi-functional cooling water scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor for harder waters

Coolguard 364 – Phosphate based soft water cooling water corrosion inhibitor for severe service conditions

BuyOnlineButtonCoolguard 401 – Novel alkaline zinc based cooling tower corrosion inhibitor for softer cooling waters

Coolguard 501 – Synergised silicate based corrosion inhibitor for moderate hardness applications

Coolguard 815 – High strength cooling tower scale inhibitor for harder waters

Coolguard 821 – Molybdate based scale and corrosion inhibitor

Our Bromgard products combine the multi-functional performance of the Coolguard range with a bromine pre-cursor and bio-dispersant. Dosed in conjunction with Bromgard Activator they provide not only scale and corrosion inhibition but exceptional microbial control in a simple, easy to control package.

Bromgard 320 – Phosphate based for severe service low hardness conditions

Bromgard 420 – Zinc based for low hardness applications

Bromgard 810 – Multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitor for harder waters

Bromgard 2850 – High strength inhibitor for harder waters

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Cooling Water Biocides and Biodispersants

Our comprehensive range of cooling water biocides includes oxidisers and non-oxidisers as well as bio-dispersants to tackle the most troublesome microbial problems.

Activ-Ox  – Chlorine dioxide systems

Bromgard Activator – Liquid bromine activator for use with Bromgard inhibitors

BuyOnlineButtonBiocide BQ – Non-foaming polyquat, – broad spectrum, giving excellent algae control. Also suitable for swimming pools and fountains.

BuyOnlineButtonBiocide BR – Bromine release cooling water biocide tablets.

Biocide DA – Diamine acetate broad spectrum microbiocide.

BuyOnlineButtonBiocide ITA – Broad spectrum cooling tower biocide based on a blend of isothiazolins

Biocide PS – THPS based biocide with an excellent environmental profile

BuyOnlineButtonBiocide RO – Fast acting microbiocide based on DBNPA.

BuyOnlineButtonBiosperse 100 – Cooling water biodispersant for use with halogens and non-oxidisers

Feedbrom – Bromine pre-cursor and cooling tower biodispersant (use with Feedchlor or Bromgard Activator)

BuyOnlineButtonFeedchlor – Stabilised liquid chlorine donor

Supersperse – High strength bio and oil dispersant

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.*