Coolguard 401 Soft Water Inhibitor

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COOLGUARD 401 is an alkaline blend of inorganic and organic scale and corrosion inhibitors. The product is stable over a wide range of temperature and pH variations and provides scale and corrosion control over a wide range of water qualities and operational conditions.

Suitable for
Open evaporative recirculating cooling water systems.

Dosage Calculation

The dosage rate required is given by the following:

Dosage (m/m3 of make-up) = Reserve required in recirculation 
                                                         Concentration factor


Reserve required in recirc conc factor  =  100ml/m3
Concentration factor                                =  5

Dosage required (ml/m3)                         =  100ml/m3 / 5 (cf)

Dosage required                                        =  20ml/m3 of make-up

It is recommended at start-up and after system upset the product be dosed at 3 times normal dosage for a period of a week to promote rapid passivation.

InhibitorpHCalcium HardnessTemporary Calcium HardnessInhibitor ConcentrationApplication Notes
Coolguard 185X7.5 - 9.5300 - 600200 - 600100ml/m3 minScale Inhibitor that requires a reasonable Temporary Calcium Hardness level to act as a corrosion inhibitor. Not suitable for use with continuous chlorination/bromination.
Coolguard 4016.5 - 9.5300 max300 max100 - 200ml/m3Whilst product can be used at up to 600 Calcium it is recommended it be limited to 300 and an out and out scale inhibitor be used for higher levels

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