Coolguard 185X Hard Water Inhibitor

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For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

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Comes in 25KG drum (Liquid chemical)

COOLGUARD 185X is non-volatile liquid corrosion and scale inhibitor for hard water conditions which has been designed for use in conjunction with biocide treatments, used for control of bacteria of the type considered to be a possible source of Legionnaires’ disease.

It is an alkaline blend of an organic corrosion inhibitor, a threshold deposit controller and sludge conditioner offering protection to multi-metal systems without the requirement of additional specific corrosion inhibitors.

COOLGUARD 185X contains no controversial constituents such as heavy metals or phosphates,
whose use is becoming increasingly restricted. It offers protection over an extended range of pH, temperature and raw water hardness, making an ideal treatment for both building services and industrial application.

COOLGUARD 185X should not be used in conjunction with either chlorine or bromine.

Can be used in conjunction with a Biocide such as Biocide ITA to control microbial growth.

Suitable for
Open Circuit Evaporative Cooling Systems and Air Conditioning Plants

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Help & Advice on Choosing an Inhibitor

InhibitorpHCalcium HardnessTemporary Calcium HardnessInhibitor ConcentrationApplication Notes
Coolguard 185X7.5 - 9.5300 - 600200 - 600100ml/m3 minScale Inhibitor that requires a reasonable Temporary Calcium Hardness level to act as a corrosion inhibitor. Not suitable for use with continuous chlorination/bromination.
Coolguard 4016.5 - 9.5300 max300 max100 - 200ml/m3Whilst product can be used at up to 600 Calcium it is recommended it be limited to 300 and an out and out scale inhibitor be used for higher levels

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Weight 25 kg

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