Chlorine Dioxide Generators

A Chlorine Dioxide Generator is the conventional means of treating water with ClO2 but they aren't the best way of delivering chlorine dioxide..
Feedwater's patented Activ-Ox chemistry and dosing system simplify treatment by doing away with gas generation as the chemistry reacts instantly within the water line being treated.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators – ClO2 Dosing Systems

Feedwater’s range of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide Generators or more accurately ‘dosing systems’ are the simplest, safest and most cost-effective way to produce a controlled dosage of ClO2 for a wide range of commercial, industrial and water treatment applications.

A conventional chlorine dioxide generator tends to be an expensive and complicated system for dosing ClO2, which requires 2 or 3 hazardous chemicals and is very much for the specialist user. Activ-Ox dosing systems by contrast use low hazard pre-cursors, are easy and safe to use and are a low-cost way to generate ClO2 for almost all applications where a conventional chlorine dioxide generator would have historically been used.

Important Warning!

Many chlorine dioxide suppliers don’t actually make the generator themselves – they are simply distributors. Feedwater is actually the manufacturer of the Activ-OX® dosing systems and also makes the chemicals – so if you want the best product at the best price then contact us today!

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Activ-Ox Reaction Vs Conventional

How does an Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide Generator alternative work?

The Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide system uses 2 pre-cursor chemicals in much the same way a conventional chlorine dioxide generator does, but with some very important differences. The patented Activ-Ox chemistry releases ClO2 instantaneously whereas a conventional Chlorine Dioxide generator or stabilised Chlorine Dioxide dosing system can take several hours to give its maximum yield of ClO2.

The chlorine dioxide yield of the Activ-Ox process is very high, converting around 95% of the pre-cursor to ClO2. This is higher than other processes and much higher than some so-called stabilised Chlorine Dioxide systems which not only give a low yield but take a long time to do it.

Another critical difference between Activ-Ox and other chlorine dioxide generators is that it doesn’t need a strong acid to work. Activ-8, the matching pre-cursor to Activ-Ox is a special blend of non-hazardous weak acids that are approved for food and drinking water applications. The patented Activ-Ox chemistry is so different from that used in a conventional Chlorine Dioxide generator that you could even activate it with Lemonade!

How is Activ-Ox Dosed?

Unlike other processes for producing Chlorine Dioxide, Activ-Ox releases ClO2 instantaneously and completely. Because of this, we have been able to develop a much simpler dosing system than a conventional Chlorine Dioxide generator or stabilised Chlorine Dioxide system. No gas is released, and there is no need for a reaction vessel storing dangerous concentrated mixtures.

Instead, the ClO2 is produced directly in solution in a special reactor T fitting which is installed in the water stream to be treated.

Activ-Ox Dairy Case Study

The Superior Activ-Ox® Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generators and Dosing Systems

ACTIV-OX® dosing systems have a number of design features which make them the safest, most controllable way of continuously dosing Chlorine Dioxide to a water system.

  • Since ACTIV-OX® activates instantaneously, there is no need for mixing and dilution tanks, or reaction vessels containing large volumes of strong chlorine dioxide solutions.
  • Activation takes place in a special reaction manifold which is integral to the system pipework, so there are no fragile injection tubes containing concentrated Chlorine Dioxide.
  • No ClO2 gas is produced, Chlorine Dioxide is only ever produced in solution, and only a few millilitres of concentrated solution is held within the manifold, so there is no hazard.
  • The dosing pumps are controlled automatically and are normally initiated by an impulsing water meter to prevent under or overdosing.
  • To prevent the inadvertent mixing of chemicals the dosing pumps are housed in separate lockable enclosures, the injection tubing is double-walled and the chemical drums are normally contained inside individual bunds with lids.
  •  A range of alarm options are available including chemical low level, dosing pump flow monitoring and chlorine dioxide monitoring.

Our range of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generators and Dosing Systems are suitable for treating anywhere from a few litres of water to 1000’s of cubic metres per day and have been used to treat water in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Hot, cold and drinking water in buildings
  • Breweries
  • Dairies
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office blocks
  • Vegetable and salad washing
  • Spa baths
  • Poultry houses
  • Off-shore rigs

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