Pre-Commission & Renovation Cleaning

New heating and chilled water systems require a pre-commission clean before being brought into service. This prepares the metal surfaces & moblises desposits and solids.
Our chemicals & services are exactly what is needed to pre-commission a new system or renovate an old one.

Pre-commission & Renovation cleaning chemicals & Services

Pre-commission Cleaning of Heating and Chilled Water Systems

New heating and chilled water systems require a pre-commission clean before being brought into service. There are two principal reasons for this: firstly to clean and prepare the metal surfaces for passivation with a corrosion inhibitor and secondly to mobilise the deposits and suspended solids so that they can be flushed from the system prior to commissioning and putting into service.

During construction the system can build-up corrosion products, construction debris, microbial slimes and other fouling. It is very important to clear this debris from the system before commissioning since it may be impossible to balance a dirty system and it won’t be long before close-tolerance control valves start to clog up with debris and stopping the system from operating correctly.  Effective corrosion inhibition will dramatically extend the life of a system and prevent future problems of fouling, however, for a corrosion inhibitor to work effectively the metal surfaces have to have been cleaned to allow a strong adherent inhibitor film to be established.

Feedwater have been making and supplying closed system cleaning agents and inhibitors for decades and we have extensive experience in cleaning the most challenging of systems. We can either carry out the work for you or supply you with the pre-commission cleaners and corrosion inhibitors so that you can do the work yourself. See below and visit our shop to order one of our cleaning and treatment bundles.


Renovation Cleaning for older heating and cooling systems

Poor water treatment will result in older heating and cooling systems becoming choked with corrosion products reducing flow and efficiency. The cost and disruption of replacing a closed water system that no longer works as it should can be enormous but in most cases heating and cooling can be restored very effectively at a fraction of the cost with Feedwater’ renovation cleaning chemicals and once the system is clean our corrosion inhibitors will keep it working well for many more years to come.

Our renovation chemical cleaning service using safe, non-acid chemicals can restore flow and heat transfer to even the most heavily fouled systems.

Either we can do the work for you or we can supply you our highly effective chemicals such as Corrosperse 84 to enable you to carry out the work yourself.  We’ve over 35 years hands-on experience cleaning all kinds of industrial and commercial water systems including heating, cooling and other closed pipework systems so we are well placed to provide just the service you need.

Our pre-commission and renovation cleaning products are easy to use and come with full technical support, take a look at what we offer below and discuss with us how we can help you today.

Pre-commission Cleaning Chemicals & Closed System Renovation Cleaners

Corrosperse 84 is a high strength non-acidic chelant cleaner which can be used both for pre-commission cleaning and renovation/restoration cleaning of closed systems. It is extremely effective at dissolving rust and other corrosion products and can restore flow and heat transfer to severely fouled systems. – Order Online

Supersperse is a special surfactant for removing oil and grease. – POA

TT20 is a special corrosion inhibitor adjunct used when cleaning systems containing both aluminium and copper. – POA

Polyshield 300 is a safe to use polymeric dispersant which will mobilise sludge and suspended solids and improve flow and heat transfer. It has a gentle action and is ideal for an extended on-line clean in conjunction with a flushing regime or the use of a Lakos Separator. – POA

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Lakos Separators (hydrocyclones)

A Lakos hydrocyclone separator is a great way to remove suspended solids from a recirculating water system.

The Lakos separator is installed in the full circuit or, more commonly, on a side-stream of the system pipework. Water flows through the Lakos separator and the cyclone or centrifugal action of the hydrocyclone causes the heavier-than-water particles to be thrown to the dirt bowl of the unit, from where they are purged.

A Lakos cyclone separator, when used in conjunction with a Polyshield dispersant, is ideal for cleaning up a heating or chilled water system that is fouled with sludge.

Click Here to download more details on Lakos Separators.

own label descaling chemicalsOwn Label Pre-commision and Renovation Chemical Cleaners

We can supply you with our closed system cleaning products with your own label on the drum. So if you are a water treatment service company, a specialist cleaning contractor or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you.

Export Distributors Wanted

We are always looking for professional overseas partners and distributors, so if you are a water treatment specialist looking for an alternative supplier for your water treatment products, or you believe you have the capability to establish a high quality water treatment service operation in your own territory, then please contact us to discuss our descaling chemicals.

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