Corrosperse 84 Cleaning Agent

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Closed System Cleaning Agent

  • Non-acidic & non-aggressive
  • For pre-commission & older systems
  • Dissolves and disperses
  • Safely discharges to sewer*

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Description and usage instructions below.


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Corrosperse 84

Comes in 10 or 25kg drum (Liquid chemical)

Closed System Cleaning Agent

  • Non-acidic & non-aggressive
  • For pre-commission & older systems
  • Dissolves and disperses
  • Safely discharges to sewer*

Product Description

Corrosperse 84 is a non-acidic / non-aggressive cleaning agent that can be used to both pre-commission clean closed systems or to restore flow and heat transfer to older systems that have become fouled with rust and other metal oxide deposits. It works by dissolving and dispersing the deposits and the progress of the cleansing process can by monitored by measuring the iron level in solution. Once the Corrosperse 84 has finished its job the system should be very thoroughly flushed to remove the chemical and the dissolved deposits.

Corrosperse 84 is a safer alternative to ammoniated citric acid for pre-commission cleaning.

* NB It is usually possible to discharge the effluent from the cleaning process directly to the sewer but you should always check this with your water and sewerage supply company.

Dosage rate & circulation time

For pre-commission cleaning a concentration of 1-2% by volume should be used and circulated for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7 days.

For restoration cleaning a concentration between 2.5-5% is normally required, dependent on the degree of fouling. The length of time required to achieve a clean will depend on the degree of fouling and the progress of chemical reactions can be monitored by simple on-site test methods or by postal samples to the FEEDWATER Laboratory.


Whilst not aggressive to the parent metal CORROSPERSE 84 is a powerful penetrant and will find any weakness in pipework or joints which is simply sealed by a layer of corrosion products. It is recommended therefore that in the restoration of old systems that an initial concentration of 1% only be added and circulated for 2 days to ensure system is sound before proceeding further.

How to use it

i)   Obtain any necessary discharge consent for disposal of the effluent to the sewer prior to commencing work.

ii)   Add the Corrosperse 84 to the system at the required rate (see above).

iii)  When cleaning a system containing Aluminium in conjunction with Copper a supplementary treatment TT20 should also be added at the rate of 1 litre/m3 of system capacity.

iv)  Circulate the solution around the system continuously for the required time (pre-commission cleaning) or until daily samples show the iron level has stopped rising (renovation cleaning).

v)  Once the system has been circulated for the required time or the iron level stops rising the system should be drained and flushed thoroughly

vi)  The flushing process needs to change at least 99% of the water in the system and flushing velocity needs to be high enough to mobilise and remove any remaining suspended solids.

vii) At the end of the flushing process the system water should be clear and free of suspended solids, the iron level should be less than 5ppm and the conductivity should be no more than 20µs/cm higher than the make-up water.

Once the system has been adequately flushed it should be dosed with the required corrosion inhibitor and biocide.

Recommended Treatments

For systems with Aluminium our Molybdate based Closed System Protection Bundle is recommended. This contains a Molybdate corrosion inhibitor, a broad spectrum biocide and a Molybdate test kit.

For systems without Aluminium our Nitrite based Closed System Protection Bundle is recommended. This contains a Nitrite corrosion inhibitor, a broad spectrum biocide and a Nitrite test kit.

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