Descaler SF 25KG Acid cleaner

  • Based on Hydrochloric Acid
  • Incorporates film forming inhibitor
  • Protects carbon steel, copper & brass
  • Highly effective penetrant
  • Dissolves limescale & rust

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

Due to changes brought in by ‘Control of Explosives Precursors and Poisons Regulations 2023’ Feedwater is now required to ask customers of Descaler SF to fill out a form and provide photographic ID to be kept on file for 18 months. We have decided to make this product POA and only process orders once these required details are provided. Please contact us for further information and to order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Product description and usage details below.


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Descaler SF

Comes in 25kg Drum (Liquid Chemical)

Acid Based Descalant

  • Based on Hydrochloric Acid
  • Incorporates film forming inhibitor
  • Protects carbon steel, copper & brass
  • Highly effective penetrant
  • Dissolves limescale & rust

Product Description

DESCALER ‘SF’ is a highly active cleaning agent based on Hydrochloric Acid and a special film forming inhibitor to protect carbon steel, copper and brass against acid attack.

The inhibitor also serves as a penetrant and dispersant to enhance the effectiveness of the acid. DESCALER ‘SF’ also contains an exhaustion indicator. DESCALER ‘SF’ can be used to dissolve limescale (calcium carbonate) and rust deposits in boilers, calorifiers and heat exchangers. DESCALER ‘SF’ should NOT be used on stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised surfaces.

Product Usage

DESCALER ‘SF’ can be used at strengths between 10 and 50% and at temperatures up to 80oC, the speed of reaction being enhanced by acid strength and elevated temperature.

When the acid is approaching exhaustion the colour of the solution will change from red to yellow and this indicates that more DESCALER ‘SF’ should be added.

After completion of descaling equipment should be drained and flushed thoroughly and any acid effluent neutralised with Alkbuild or Neutralising Powder.

acid cleaning Heat Exchangers or calorifiers

Initially add 10 litres of DESCALER SF for every 100 litres of water in the circuit. This will usually cause foaming as the acid reacts with the calcium carbonate.

Once the foam has died down it is an indication that either the cleaning solution has lost its strength or the scale has nearly all reacted. To test this take a sample of cleaning solution and carry out an acid concentration test. If the acid concentration test indicates a low concentration then a further 5 litres of DESCALER SF for every 100 litres of water in the circuit.

Once no more foam is generated by the addition of acid the system should be left to circulate for 1 hour prior to flushing and neutralisation.

The effluent should be neutralised to between pH 6 and 9 by the addition of either Alkbuild or Neutralising Powder prior to disposing to sewer.

(Extracts taken from heat exchanger acid clean procedure)

acid cleaning steam boilers

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Weight 25 kg

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