Steam Boiler Water Testing Kits

Keeping your boiler operating with optimal chemical treatment and water chemistry is extremely important to ensure efficiency, protection and safety.
Feedwater supply both the testing supplies required to conduct on site testing yourself and laboratory analysis via returnable sample kits. All of this is available to order online today.

Boiler Water Testing

To keep on top of boiler treatment and ensure a good balance of chemistry it is important to frequently test your boiler water and make adjustments to chemical dosing, blowdown and other parameters.

Feedwater can supply all the equipment & testing supplies you require to monitor your steam boiler, we can also provide sample kits so you can send us your boiler and or hotwell sample to analyse in our chemistry laboratory.

What We Supply

  • Photometers & Tablets
  • Comparator Disc Sets & Tablets
  • Dropper Titrants & Reagents
  • Testing Meters
  • Sample Kits – Return to lab for analysis

Recommended Boiler Testing:

  • pH
  • Total Hardness
  • TDS
  • Tannin/Sulphite
  • M. and P. Alkalinity
  • Hydroxide Alkalinity
  • Phosphate

Recommended Hotwell/Feedwater Testing:

  • pH
  • Total Hardness
  • TDS
  • M. and P. Alkalinity
  • Phosphate
  • Chloride

Recommended Softener/Make Up Water Testing:

  • pH
  • Total Hardness
  • TDS
  • Chloride

If you need advice about what to test for or the control limits to set for your boiler perhaps arrange for a visit by one of our regional consultants, they can advise on efficient operation, recommended chemical treatment and what to measure to keep on top of boiler chemistry.

Photometer Supplies

A Photometer is a device that reads chemical levels by passing light through a cuvette filled with the sample liquid and a crushed reagent tablet. The reaction between the tablet and the chemical present in the water change the colour of the water, the level of the chemical in the water usually determine the strength of the reaction colour.

You start using a ‘blank’ (cuvette with unreacted sample) measuring this the photometer sets a baseline for the water clarity, secondly, you enter the reaction cuvette and will receive a measurement of that specific chemical level.

  • The Photometer is useful for testing Phosphate levels which many boiler treatment regimes use and should be tested at least monthly if not weekly.
  • Boilers in areas of high silica will need to test for silica frequently as precipitating silica can attach to boiler pipework and cause a glass-like scale to form.
  • Iron testing is boilers may be recommended occasionally or when there is a reason to suspect you have a corrosion issue.

Comparator Supplies

Contour colour comparators are similar to Photometers except they rely on a visual comparison using a colour disc to match the colour strength and determine the chemical level. In the same way, they use crushable tablets which react with the chemical in the sample being measured.

The Comparator kit is a more cost-effective option to the Photometer especially if you only need a couple of different comparators. Each comparator kit includes an instrument with chemical-specific petal disc, cuvettes, tablet crushers, brush and a batch of tablets. Once the tablets have been used up refills can be orderded.

Titrants & Reagents – Dropper Test Kits

The bulk of your boiler analysis will be performed using dropper titrants which usually involves an indicator (in liquid or tablet form) which colours the sample and then a titrant which will gradually react with the sample until it changes to a new colour. Counting the drops you can then calculate the chemical level in the sample.

This section includes:

  • Dropper Kits
  • Hardness Tablets
  • Universal pH Strips

We can supply laminated instruction sheets with our dropper test kits and some products will have demonstration videos you can view to get an idea of how it works on the product pages.

Other Products

For measuring TDS you will require a TDS meter, we also offer the service of analysing your boiler or hotwell water in our chemistry lab, you can order a sampling kit below and be sent out a bottle to fill and return free post.

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