Building Services Water Treatment

Our expertise in Cooling, Heating & Water Hygiene Services makes us the trusted partner of many of the UK's most well-known brands. Including Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and commercial buildings.
These services help to keep our clients safe & opperating within the law, save them money through efficiency & lower costs and we save them time - the most precious commodity.

Building & Facilities Water Treatment Products, Systems & Chemicals

Facilities Management covers a range of building services many of which make heavy use of water in the process. Our expertise in water treatment covers closed heating & chiller systems, steam boilers, evaporative cooling systems, Legionella control and water hygiene which makes us an ideal partner to aid in the management of your critical systems and processes to save you time, money & help keep you compliant and operating within the law.

Founder Members of the LCA

As founding members of the Legionella Control Association, you can be reassured you will receive expert advice & an excellent level of service to advance your site’s L8 Legionella control program.

In-House Chemistry & UKAS Micro Lab

Unlike other water treatment companies, we have in-house laboratories for chemistry water analysis and a UKAS accredited microbiological laboratory which processes 10,000s of Legionella, E. Coli & Pseudomonas samples per year.

In-House L8, Water Hygiene & Engineering Teams

With our own support services teams, you won’t need to worry about subcontracting as all expertise is in-house with our technicians assisting your account manager to offer a first-rate service.

Chemical Production Department

We have over 40 years experience blending high-quality water treatment chemicals, in fact, we are trusted by companies around the world providing toll blend & own label services.

Nationwide Consultancy Team

For our UK customers, we have a countrywide consultancy team available to give expert advice, monitor your critical assets helping you improve efficiency, protect & increase the lifespan of your systems and save you money.

21st Century Water Treatment

Feedwater has invested heavily in developing intelligent electronic reporting, audit friendly customer portals & advanced connected chemical dosing systems like our Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide System.

Water Testing Laboratory

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Advanced Chlorine Dioxide

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Commercial Water Treatment for Building Services

  • Modern hospitals, hotels and office blocks are reliant on a complex network of water systems which, if not treated effectively, can break down, fail or pose a risk to health.
  • HVAC heating and chilled water systems can become choked with corrosion, scale or microbial fouling.
  • Pipework and plant can fail as a result of corrosion, causing massive damage and costing a fortune to repair.
  • Scale formation can greatly increase the energy consumption of a building.
  • Domestic water can suffer from “red water” problems and along with evaporative cooling systems, if inadequately treated and maintained, can cause Legionnaires’ Disease.
  • Even the humble kitchen grease trap can become choked with fat and smell foul.
  • Feedwater offers a comprehensive range of commercial water treatment products and services designed to keep your building services running efficiently and safely.

Legionella Control and Prevention

Feedwater provides a comprehensive range of products and services for legionella control in water systems and are specialists in Legionnaires Disease prevention. Compliance with ACoP L8 is a large part of building management and is an area Feedwater are well placed to assist with. The place building managers need to start is a Legionella Risk Assessment, without a valid risk assessment to detail a water hygiene regimen the business may be open to prosecution.

Feedwater Legionella Control Services include:

  • Legionella Risk Assessments & Log Books
  • Legionella Training – Day Courses & Online
  • UKAS Legionella Water Analysis
  • Water Hygiene (Disinfection & Cleaning)
  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems
  • Cooling System Treatment

Products & Chemicals

Facilities Management covers a lot of areas of building maintenance but where water treatment is involved Feedwater have all the products and services required to keep your plant running smoothly, supporting site with compliance when it comes to water hygiene and Legionella control as well as other tasks which complete the picture.

  • Chemical Inhibitors & Biocides
  • Commissioning & Chemical Cleaning
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Water Softeners

Own Label Chemicals

We can supply you with our chemicals with your own label on the drum. So if you are a HVAC or facilities management specialist supplier or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you. Our Toll Blend services provide the ideal solution for those who are looking for chemicals produced to ISO9001 spec by an experienced British manufacturer.


Our consultants work across the UK visiting hundreds of industrial sites a week. We believe that any treatment plan is only as good as the service which comes with it which is why our expertly trained consultation team perform weekly, monthly or quarterly visits for some of the biggest names in the UK as well as the small business operator who make up the backbone of the UK economy. Both small and large businesses have a need to protect their critical assets from damage and ensure their plant operates safely and efficiently.

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