Chemical Dosing Equipment

Choosing the right chemical treatment for your system can be integral to it's protection, efficient operation and the safety of by-standers but the right dosing set up is equally as important.
Feedwater supply both standard and bespoke dosing equipment to customers and can advise on the right control and monitoring set up to ensure your chemical treatment works effectively and safely.

Chemical Dosing Systems for Water Treatment

Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of dosing equipment for applications such as boiler, cooling and effluent water treatment.

As well as standard chemical dosing equipment, we have the capability to design and supply bespoke systems to meet your needs.

If you are interested in a water softener for commercial or industrial purposes including boiler water softeners you can find further information by visiting our water softener page.

Scroll down the page to see our different chemical dosing options, if you need advice please contact us first and one of our experts will discuss your options or even arrange a visit by one of our regional consultants.

Cooling water systems and cooling tower control equipment

An effective cooling tower dosing system to control your cooling water chemical treatment programme is essential if problems with corrosion, scale formation and Legionnaires’ Disease are to be avoided.

Our Coolplex range of packaged cooling water dosing equipment offer plug and play simplicity for easy installation and the control options can be tailored to your requirements.

Cooling water dosing equipment options include:

  • Water meter controlled chemical dosing pumps for inhibitors
  • Redox control equipment for halogen dosing
  • Conductivity controlled bleed-off systems to manage the cooling system concentration factor
  • Twin biocide dosing control, suitable for both oxidising and non-oxidising biocides
  • pH control equipment
  • Webmaster control systems for on-line monitoring and remote control

So whether you just want a dosing pump or an “all singing and dancing cooling tower dosing equipment system, we can supply your cooling water control needs.

Click this link for our cooling water treatment page.

Click to download our brochures:

Regular Coolplex System or Telemetric Coolplex System.

Chemical Dosing pumps

As well as packaged chemical dosing systems we supply a range of water treatment chemical dosing pumps and spares. We supply and support major dosing pump brands such as Prominent, LMI, Alldos and Iwaki.

Among our most popular items are chlorine dosing pumps to dose sodium hypochlorite in cooling water, swimming pools or drinking water applications.

Dosing pump options include timer, water meter and 4-20mA control. A full range of pump wet-end materials are available for corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility.

Some of our dosing pumps are readily available for order online below.

Water meters

To complement our dosing pumps and control systems, we offer a range of impulsing water meters.

The water meter gives a visual indication of the water usage and provides a volt-free pulse train to operate a dosing pump or batch counter.

A water meter is often the ideal way to control the dosage of water treatment chemicals including cooling water inhibitors and chlorine dosage for drinking water.

We offer a full range of water meter sizes and flow rates as well as meter K-factors (K = impulses/litre of flow).

Boiler Water Dosing Equipment & Control Systems

A badly treated steam boiler is a potential bomb so an effective boiler water dosing system is essential. We can design and build a boiler water dosing system tailored to your needs maximising control and minimising the need for chemical handling.

We also supply sample coolers and blowdown equipment so whatever your boiler water dosing equipment needs we can help you.

Chemical Dosing Tanks and Bunds

We supply an extensive range of dosing tanks in black and natural MDPE. Standard sizes range from 50L to 1500L – larger tank sizes can be supplied as required. Dosing tanks can be supplied with matching outer bunds for additional security and environmental protection.

All the tanks have large screw-fit lids and level graduations.

Our Feedsafe range of chemical dosing tanks come complete with an outer bund tank with a secure lid for external use and a Kamlock hose connection for pump transfer of chemical from the delivery vehicle, thus avoiding manual handling.

Watch our Feedsafe video

Chemical Dosing Pots

Dosing pots are the quick and easy way to dose corrosion inhibitors and biocides to a closed heating or chilled water system. Fabricated from mild steel to exacting standards and powder coated for corrosion protection, each dosing pot comes complete with all the necessary valves for installation.

The chemical dosing pot is installed across the flow and return pipe work of the water system and is normally left isolated. When a chemical addition is needed, the dosing pot is filled manually via the tundish and then the isolation valves are opened and chemical is washed into the system.

Feedwater dosing pots come in a range of capacities including 3.5L, 6L and 13.5L.

X-POT – All in one Dosing Pot, Side Stream Filter, Magnetic Filter & Air Separator

The X-POT has been engineered to combine 4 functions into 1 device saving up to 50% through value engineering and 10% energy savings in older systems. The X-Pot comes in 3 different sizes depending on the system.

X-POT Compact – 4 bar working pressure for systems up to 34,560l volume.

X-POT 6 – 7 bar working pressure for systems up to 86,400l volume.

X-POT XP – 15 bar working pressure for systems up to 302,400l volume.

Download the product PDF here


A brominator is a simple way to control the dosing of bromine tablets for cooling water and swimming pool applications. Feedwater brominators come in a range of capacities for both low and high pressure applications.

Bromine tablets dissolve slowly so the dosing is controlled by adjusting the water flow through the brominator. Greater control over the bromine dosage can be achieved by the incorporation of a rotameter for precise flow control or a timer or redox controlled solenoid valve system.

As well as our range of cooling water brominators we also produce liquid bromine chemical dosing equipment for use with either our Feedbrom or Bromgard liquid bromine technology.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators and ClO2 Dosing Systems

Our Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide dosing units are the simplest, safest and most cost-effective on the market.

Click here for full details on our range of chlorine dioxide dosing systems / (Generators).

Click the link for our cooling water treatment page.

pdf downloadClick here to download our Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide systems brochure.

Watch the demonstration videos to learn more

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