Prominent Beta/ 4 Dosing Pumps 1.1 – 71L/hr

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Prominent Beta 4 Pumps come in options with and without degassing heads.

Our engineering department has a high turnover of pump orders, if you require your pump quickly please contact us first to confirm a lead time.

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Prominent Beta/ 4 Dosing Pump Sizes from 1-1 – 7.1 l/hr

Options with and without degassing heads.

Package Includes:

  • Prominent Dosing Pump
  • Suction Foot
  • Injection fitting
  • Suction tubing PVC 2m
  • Injection tubing PE 5m
  • Free Delivery

Prominent pumps come with:

Injection fitting (NRV)

Suction foot (NRV)

Suction tube 2m

Injection tube 2m

Powered ON/OFF or Switch manually through controller

Optional external control via 0/4 – 20 mA and potential-free contacts with pulse step-up and step-down of 32:1 to 1:32 (Division and Multiplication)

Control with internal frequency or

External control through separately priced control cable

Can be connected to:

Water Meter Direct

Boiler Feed Pump


Recirc On Tower etc.

PumpProMinent BT4B 1601160216040708
Max. discharge capacity @ full back pressure1.1 l/h2.2 l/h3.8 l/h7.1 l/h
Maximum Working Pressure16 bar16 bar16 bar7 bar
Maximum Fluid Temperature+20°C+20°C+20°C+20°C
Supply Voltage100 to 230 V100 to 230 V100 to 230 V100 to 230 V
Input Power9.6 (Consumption)W15.2 (Consumption)W15.2 (Consumption)W15.2 (Consumption)W
Tubing inlet size4/64/64/65/8
Tubing outlet size4/64/64/65/8

Optional Pump Shelf

Feedwater has developed a multi purpose pump shelf compatible with both Prominent & Iwaki dosing pump models. The strong plastic (ABS) ensures a sturdy and rigid shelf which can be secured to any suitable backboard to provide a convenient mounting the pump can be secured to, the shelf comes with nylon screws and wing-nuts.


Additional information

Weight4 kg

BT4B 1601, BT4B 1601 + Degassing Head, BT4B 1602, BT4B 1602 + Degassing Head, BT4B 1604, BT4B 1604 + Degassing Head, BT4B 0708, BT4B 0708 + Degassing Head, Universal Control Cable, Pump Wall Bracket