Equipment and tools for effective water treatment, make an enquiry for a water softener or Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide dosing system to provide instant high yield disinfection.

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Dosing Pump Shelf

£30.00 exc. VAT

Shelf Bracket suitable for Iwaki and Prominent Beta pumps

ATP Meter & Swabs

£200.00£1,404.00 exc. VAT

SystemSure Plus. Includes ATP meter, case, carry handle, data lead, data analysis software.

ATP Free – Measures dissolved non-microbial ATP free in solution – Includes 100 pens

ATP Total – Measures both free and microbial ATP in solution – Includes 100 pens

The difference between both free and total indicates the microbial contamination.

There is a 5 working day lead time on this product

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£429.00£449.00 exc. VAT

See specifications in the description below.


Commercial Water Softener Enquiry Form (POA)

Feedwater manufacture all manner of water treatment equipment including pre treatment systems and industrial and commercial water softeners.

Check out our guide for choosing a Feedwater Water Softener

We also offer a Water Softener Service and Maintenance Service

Feedwater water softeners range from the small AXA 25 which can soften up to 1000l/hr to our larger softeners the CXA 1250 SHF which can soften up to 50,000l/hr. Our water softeners are available in both simplex and duplex.

Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide System Enquiry Form (POA)

Activ-Ox is Feedwaters patented chlorine dioxide water treatment chemistry and technology, unlike a conventional generator the Activ-Ox dosing system produces chlorine dioxide instantly and within the water stream being treated with no wastage and no storage of dangerous gas. It is a simple, safe and always ready system.

The Activ-Ox unit comes in three sizes

Activ-Ox 2100 Compact for treating 0 – 100M3 water per day

Activ-Ox 3100 Standard for treating 0 – 500M3 water per day

Activ-Ox 4100 Major for treating 0 – 5000+M3 water per day