Carbon Steel Lakos Separator

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See specifications in the description below.

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Lakos Separators

The Lakos separator is installed in the full circuit or, more commonly, on a side-stream of the system pipework. Water flows through the Lakos separator and the cyclone or centrifugal action of the hydrocyclone causes the heavier-than-water particles to be thrown to the dirt bowl of the unit, from where they are purged.

ItemOrder CodeFlow Rate m3/hourInlet/Outlet Diameter Weight Kg 
Carbon Steel Units (Basic without optional extras)
1L-0050-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0050B1.0 – 2.51/2″6
1L-0075-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0075B2.5 – 4.53/4″7
1L-0100-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0100B4.5 – 7.51″12
1L-0125-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0125B6.5 – 111 1/4″12
1L-0150-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0150B10 – 161 1/2″12
1L-0200-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0200B15 – 23.52″23
1L-0250-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0250B21.5 – 322 1/2″25
1L-0300-B Lakos SeparatorLAK0300B29.5 – 483″70

Additional Extras

3/4″ manual dump valve
3/4″ Solenoid dump valve
Dumping timer (pulse/pause)

Lakos Spec Sheet

Download the datasheet for further guidance on choosing the right Lakos unit.

Need Skid Mounting?

If you require skid mounting for your Lakos separator or a bespoke set up such as a glycol recovery unit please call us or drop us an email to speak to our engineering projects teams.

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1L-0050-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0075-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0100-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0125-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0150-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0200-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0250-B Lakos Separator, 1L-0300-B Lakos Separator