Water Treatment Plant Equipment

To keep your critical processes running smoothly and efficiently it is often important to integrate water conditioning equipment to filter and remove particles & bacteria.
Feedwater supply both of the shelf and bespoke plant equipment designed to save you time, money and protect your important processes.

Water Treatment Plant and Equipment

Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of water treatment plant and equipment including water softeners, chemical dosing systems, demineralisers, sample coolers, water filters, UV and Reverse Osmosis systems.

We have experience building entirely bespoke systems to meet the requirement of our customers such as the Glycol Recovery Unit pictured above so if you have a specific need please contact us on the form at the bottom of this page.

Water Treatment Equipment Installation, Repair and Maintenance Service

Unlike many suppliers, Feedwater has its own team of skilled installation, repair and maintenance technicians operating throughout the UK. The continued reliability of your equipment can be ensured by the correct installation and a Planned Maintenance Contract for annual or bi-annual service.

If you have an existing piece of plant or equipment in need of repair or maintenance give us a ring and we will try to help you.

Water Filters

We supply a comprehensive range of water filter systems to deal with difficult water contaminants including:

So whatever your water filtration needs, contact us today.

See above to download the pdf brochures for more details of our range of back-washable multi-media filters.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

A Reverse Osmosis (or RO) system produces near-deionised quality water on a continuous basis, without the need for hazardous chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis removes between 95-98% of the TDS which dramatically reduces boiler blowdown, saving energy and running costs. RO also reduces the bicarbonate alkalinity, which is a major cause of condensate corrosion.

The high purity RO water is ideal for pharmaceutical production, micro-electronics or any application where mineral-free water is needed for process washing or as a component in product formulations.

Feedwater supplies a range of packaged and bespoke reverse osmosis systems along with RO antiscalants and membrane cleaning chemicals.

pdf downloadClick here to download our current RO brochure

Sample Coolers

A sample cooler is a statutory requirement to allow water samples to be taken safely from steam boilers and heating systems.

Our standard sample cooler has a one-piece stainless steel coil and a carbon steel cooling jacket. It can be supplied with or without control valves.

The sample cooler should be installed with the cooling water flow connected to the bottom inlet of the cooler and the top discharge from the sample cooler flowing out to an open tundish drain.

This configuration ensures that the sample cooler jacket is always filled with cooling water and that the cooling water flow can be seen by the operator for safety reasons.

Lakos Separators (Hydrocyclones)

A Lakos hydrocyclone separator is a great way to remove suspended solids from a recirculating water system.

The Lakos separator is installed in the full circuit or, more commonly, on a side-stream of the system pipework. Water flows through the Lakos separator and the cyclone or centrifugal action of the hydrocyclone causes the heavier-than-water particles to be thrown to the dirt bowl of the unit, from where they are purged.

A Lakos cyclone separator, when used in conjunction with a Polyshield dispersant, is ideal for cleaning up a heating or chilled water system that is fouled with sludge.

The Lakos hydrocyclone can also be used as a side-stream filter on a cooling water system or in conjunction with a basin sweeper system to keep a cooling tower pond clean.

Click Here to download more details on Lakos Separators.

Water Softeners

Our cost-effective range of reliable industrial and commercial water softeners overcome the problems of hard water and troublesome limescale.

Click the link for our water softeners page.

pdf downloadClick here to download our water softener brochure.

UV Systems for Water Disinfection

UV systems are a truly non-chemical way to disinfect water and can be the ideal way to kill harmful pathogens at the point of use, or to control microbial growth in a recirculating water system.

pdf downloadClick here to download our UVL range of UV systems for water treatment.

Demineralisers and Water Deionisers

In demineralised (or deionised) water, the natural mineral contaminants have been removed by an ion exchange system (a deioniser or demineraliser), leaving just the pure H2O.

Normally, a deionizer is a costly piece of equipment which uses hazardous chemicals but the Aquapure deioniser is a low-cost way to produce a few thousand litres of deionised water.

The Aquapure deioniser uses a mixed-bed disposable resin which adsorbs the mineral contaminants from the water. Once the resin is exhausted, you simply discard it and refill the unit with fresh deionizer resin.

The Aquapure is ideal way to produce deionised water for applications such as battery top-up water, glass and window washing and filling closed heating and cooling systems where a deionizer is needed to reduce TDS or chloride levels.

Click Here to download more details on the Aquapure Deioniser.

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