Legionella Control Association

The Legionella Control Association was established at the request of HSE in 1999 as the Code of Conduct Association to raise the standards amongst companies providing legionella control services.
As a founding member of the LCA Feedwater is the original LCA registered service provider. You can rest assured our products and services are designed to work with current legislation and keep you compliant.

What is the Legionella Control Association?

The Legionella Control Association was established at the request of HSE in 1999 as the Code of Conduct Association to raise the standards amongst companies providing legionella control services. As a leading service provider Feedwater have been involved literally from day 1 and have been an LCA Registered Company throughout the organisation’s history.

How does the Legionella Control Association work?

The LCA administers a voluntary Code of Conduct which requires registered companies to establish a management system of policies and procedures to meet 9 service provider commitments and to produce a statement of compliance which explains how the organisation complies. Companies also need to comply with specific Service Standards for those legionella control services that it is registered for. The LCA then audits the company against the Code and the service standards and provided they meet a satisfactory standard then they are given, a 12 month certificate and their name will appear on the LCA website. If their systems fall some way short they are given 3 months in which to put things right after which their name will be removed from the website.

Each year on 1st July service providers are required to re-register and provide an updated Statement of Compliance and any other information requested. There is an 8 week window until 31st August during which the member company must successfully re-register. The service provider is required to register which specific areas of activity associated with controlling legionella they are involved in such as legionella risk assessment, chemical water treatment services, cleaning and disinfection etc. They have to pay extra for each of these categories and they are required to comply with a specific service standard associated each area of activity. Their areas of registered activity are indicated on the website and printed on their registration certificate.

The member company is given a site audit by the LCA every year when their systems are examined closely. If any non-conformances are identified they have 3 months in which to correct these after which time their name is removed from the LCA website.

Does LCA registration guarantee the service you will receive?

The work of the Legionella Control Association has undoubtedly raised standards within the industry but the LCA ethos is one of inclusion and working with members to help them improve themselves and in reality, they are not all the same standard. Nowadays virtually all service providers are registered so whilst the industry standard has improved LCA registration is not in itself a means of selecting the best.

LCA registration focuses on management systems – it does not and cannot assess the suitability or effectiveness of different products or services nor does the LCA assess the competence of individual employees. The LCA only audits companies once a year, at which point they are focusing on compliance with the Code and service standards and not the effectiveness of the company’s service. Also as with any audit process, it can only look at a small sample of the service provider’s records and the chances of an auditor finding a specific issue is minimal.

In short, the LCA is a bit like ISO9001 for legionella control services – you’d expect your supplier to be accredited but you shouldn’t use it alone as your guarantee that you will get the standard of service you want. You need to test a supplier’s claims for yourself – using the LCA’s registration requirements as an assessment tool.

pdf downloadWhat the LCA requires us to tell you (extracts from the service standards for customer information)

pdf downloadDownload the current Legionella Control Association Code of Conduct

Feedwater Legionella Control Services

We have a wide range of services for controlling Legionella all operated in-house rather than subcontracted which makes us unique amongst our competitors.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Feedwater has a dedicated team of Legionella risk assessors available to conduct thorough yet concise assessments of your site and risk systems. We believe assessments should be simple to follow and to the point.

In-House UKAS Legionella Micro Lab

Unlike other water treatment companies, we have our laboratory in-house, we are UKAS accredited and process 10,000s of Legionella, E. Coli & Pseudomonas samples per year.

In-House L8, Water Hygiene & Engineering Teams

With our own support services teams, you won’t need to worry about subcontracting as all expertise is in-house with tap temperature monitoring, tank cleaning, cooling tower disinfection’s and equipment servicing.

Chemical Production Department

We have over 40 years experience blending high-quality biocidal chemicals and have chemicals developed for their effectiveness in controlling Legionella in drinking water and cooling systems.

Nationwide Consultancy Team

Feedwater has a countrywide consultancy team available to give expert advice, monitor your critical assets to help you improve efficiency, protect & increase the lifespan of your systems & save you money.

Legionella Awareness Training

We conduct training courses for Legionella awareness quarterly at our head office and frequently on site for our customers around the UK. We also have online training suitable for staff in a supporting role to gain a quick understanding.

Water Testing Laboratory

Online Ordering Availavle

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Advanced Chlorine Dioxide

Watch the demo video

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How should you choose a legionella control service provider?

  • Ask for a copy of their LCA certificate of registration and check to see that the services you need are listed on their scope – unscrupulous companies may register for just one or two easy categories and they may not be the ones that you need. Check the date of expiry – if it’ August 31st then you know it is a 12 month certificate. If it is any other date then it is a 3 month certificate which means that they are either newly registered or have issues they need to sort out.
  • Visit the LCA website to confirm that their registration is still current
  • Ask them to give you a copy of their Statement of Compliance and read it carefully – it will explain how they comply and refer to their various management procedures. Ask yourself how much confidence does it give you? Ask to see copies of any of their procedures that you want to double check.

Legionella Control Services from Feedwater

We’ve been helping prevent Legionnaires’ disease for over 40 years and have been a Legionella Control Association member company from its early days. We are unique because we don’t sub-contract anything and offer a wider range of in-house products and services for controlling legionella than any of our competitors. This means we can keep the costs down, guarantee the quality and offer you the most responsive service in the business.

We are the only water treatment company to have their own in-house UKAS accredited laboratory for legionella analysis and are a centre of excellence for legionella control. We operate throughout the UK and Eire.

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