Water System Disinfection, Chlorination and Cleaning Services

Feedwater is a disinfection and physical cleaning company of domestic water, food processing and evaporative cooling systems this type of service is essential if water hygiene is to be maintained and the risk of Legionnaires Disease is to be controlled. Feedwater offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and disinfection services, using specialist disinfectants including chlorine, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Water Chlorination Services for new installations

Our teams of highly trained technicians routinely disinfect both new and incoming water supplies using chlorine in accordance with the requirements of BS6700.

Water Tank Cleaning and Down-Service Disinfection

In order to control the legionella risk and maintain water hygiene water storage tanks should be inspected regularly and, if necessary, physically cleaned and then disinfected. Our technicians observe the rigorous safety precautions needed for working in confined spaces and once clean we carry out a water tank chlorination and, where required disinfect the water distribution down-services fed from the tank.
When disinfecting a system which is known to be contaminated with biofilm or legionella bacteria chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide may be used as a more potent alternative to chlorine.
If you feel like doing it yourself, we can supply a full range of disinfection chemicals including an own-label option.

Water Tank Painting & Coating

Corroded water storage tanks can be stripped back to a sound metal base and then coated with a highly durable, WRC-approved, 2 pack water-based paint.

Pseudomonas Control in Closed Water Systems

Pseudomonas bacteria form microbial slimes which can cause major fouling problems in cooling and chilled water systems. We have a range of products and services that can kill, clean and flush pseudomonads from a closed system and restore flow and cooling. If you’ve got a pseudomonas problem and are looking for a permanent solution please contact us.

Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

Cooling Tower cleaning and disinfection can now be found on its own page:
Cooling Tower Cleaning
Cooling Tower services include but are not limited to, Chlorination disinfection, Activ- Ox® Foam cleaning, Descaling, Refurbishment and repair and Legionella control.

Cold Water Tank Cleaning

Advice and products to allow the competent engineer perform tank cleans themselves.

New Online Shop

You can now purchase selected Feedwater chemicals, equipment & lab testing services online.

Products for Competent Operators

Legionella Water Analysis

£65 (Quantity Discounts Available)
Quantity Discounts Available (Price Per Sample)
  • UKAS accredited analysis
  • Free sampling pack
  • Free Shipping
  • Included Pre-Paid return pack to Lab
  • Expert interpretation and advice available – Unique Service
  • Immediate reporting of any positive results
  • Confidential service
  • Standard Culture test takes at least 10 days (New Rapid 24h analysis also available)

We recommend you use one sample bottle for each sample point. Do not mix samples from more than one tap into the same bottle as this can dilute a positive result and gives no indication of the affected outlet.

We require a full 250ml sample to be able to perform this test. Refunds will not be offered where minimum sample requirements are not met.

New rapid 24h Legionella test results available click here

Water Storage Tank Disinfection Bundle

£114.00£157.00 exc. VAT

Available in 10kg or 25kg variations

Package contains:

Feedchlor (10kg or 25kg)
Dechlor (10kg or 25kg)
(Liquid chemicals)

Chlorine Test Strips (100)

Please be aware that Feedwater offer tank cleaning as a service if you are looking to get a professional cleaning team in.

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Product description and usage details below.

Cooling System Disinfection Bundle

£312.00 exc. VAT

Bundle Contains:

Feedchlor 25kg
Dechlor 25kg
BS100 25kg – Biodispersant
(Liquid chemicals)

High Range Chlorine Comparator Kit (0-50mg/l)

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Product description and usage details below.

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