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Chlorine HR 0-50mg/l (ppm) Comparator Kit

£78.00 exc. VAT

This product is suitable for testing chlorine at high levels up to 50ppm. (mg/l and ppm are the same)

This kit is most appropriate when performing a chlorine disinfection. If you are treating at higher levels the 250ppm comparator kit is more appropriate.

Order spare comparitor tests – 250 total

If you are testing drinking water typical levels should be below 0.5ppm, this may have increased if the utilities are carrying out works nearby.

Swimming Pools typical treat at up to 3ppm.

For low level chlorine testing please see the 0-5ppm comparator kit.

1mg/l is equal to 1ppm as the terms are interchangeable.

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Comparator test kits are a simple and cost effective way of testing chemical levels, the tests are performed by comparing coloured samples against standard colour scales, spare tablets are available in this shop also. Click on the category image to see more.