Steam Boiler Risk Assessment

Feedwater are an expert provider of Steam Boiler Risk Assessment Services
Our highly experienced technical division and will examine all areas that can potentially impact on the safety and efficiency of the boiler house water treatment programme inside your boiler and associated systems.

Boiler Water Treatment Risk Assessments

A boiler water treatment risk assessment is a vital step in ensuring the safety and efficiency of operating industrial steam boilers & boiler houses.

When combined with a mechanical and operational risk assessment, the boiler water treatment risk assessment is an essential tool to improve safety and compliance with the current UK legislations, mainly “The Management of Health and Safety Work Act”.

Due to its importance a boiler water treatment risk assessment is also recommended in HSG INDG 436 (2011) and the guides BG01 (2011) and BG04 (2016).

Your boiler water treatment risk assessment will be carried out by our highly experienced technical division and will examine all areas that can potentially impact on the safety and efficiency of the water treatment programme inside the boiler(s) and associated systems.

Feedwater have been experts in Boiler Water Treatment for well over 40 years and are your ideal partner for ensuring safety of operation and ongoing chemical treatment.

Boiler Inspection Risk Assessment
Boiler Risk Assessment Laptop

A Risk Assessment can include, but is not limited to:

  • Adequacy of the water treatment programme considering:

(i) Systems’ set up and design
(ii) Special operational & processes needs, inc. FDA approval.

  • Pre-treatment and associated systems
  • Condensate treatment and associated systems
  • Chemical storage and delivery
  • Dosing equipment and dosing control
  • Examining existing water treatment reports and evaluating the effectiveness of the current water treatment programme.
  • Examining previous inspection records
  • Management and communication
  • Staff training needs

The water treatment risk assessment will identify areas of risk and propose improvements & mitigation measures to lower those risks and improve the safety and efficiency of all systems in the boiler house.

You can also download our Boiler Risk Assessment Leaflet as a PDF:

Boiler Water Treatment Products & Services

As our company name Feedwater suggests, we are specialists in steam boiler water treatment. We make and supply a comprehensive range of boiler water treatment chemicals, dosing systems, water softeners and provide expert on-site service and consultancy. We save our customers millions of pounds in operating costs each year and ensure they are operating safely.

Over 45 Years' Experience

Boiler Water Treatment experts since 1976; Feedwater is one of the largest and most respected independent water treatment companies in the UK. We work with some of the world’s best-known brands as their trusted partner.

Feedsafe Drumless Chemical Delivery

Feedsafe is our drum-less chemical delivery service. Chemical is pumped across from our lorry into a bunded dosage tank using special hoses fitted with Camlock fittings to prevent chemical spillage. This avoids the need for manual handling, the risk of chemical exposure and the cost and problem of waste drum disposal.

High Performance Chemicals

The extensive Feedwater range of boiler water chemicals will be matched against your specific needs to provide cost-effective protection of your whole steam system against corrosion & scale formation whilst minimising your blowdown requirements.

Expert 21st Century Consultancy

Our highly trained water treatment consultants operate across the UK and Ireland and use our industry leading electronic reporting system which provides trend graphs, traffic light warnings, automatic calculations and cost-saving recommendations to provide exceptional service.

Pre-treatment & Dosing Equipment

As well as great chemicals we make and install pre-treatment equipment like water softeners & RO plant and chemical dosage and control systems. Our equipment service team can keep your water treatment equipment running efficiently to ensure your steam system is always protected.

Boiler Descaling Service

Scale not only reduces heat transfer and massively increases your operating cost, but it can also cause the catastrophic failure of steam boilers. Our boiler descaling service can quickly and safely restore your plant’s efficiently and save you £10,000’s in running costs.

Boiler Water Chemicals

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Boiler Water Consultancy

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