Cooling System Disinfection Bundle

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Bundle Contains:

Feedchlor 25kg
Dechlor S14 25kg
BS100 25kg – Biodispersant
(Liquid chemicals)

High Range Chlorine Comparator Kit (0-50mg/l)

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Product description and usage details below.


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Clean & Disinfection Bundle

Feedchlor 25kg
Dechlor S14 25kg
BS100 25kg – Biodispersant
(Liquid chemicals)

High Range Chlorine Comparator Kit (0-50mg/l)

Cooling Tower Disinfection

This bundle includes everything needed to perform a thorough disinfection of your cooling tower.

Initial Disinfection

  • Before starting work, any redox controlled the dosing system should be isolated to protect probes in the system.
  • Based on the table below add the required initial dosage of Feedchlor and BS100 for the chosen contact time.
  • The cooling water should be circulated using the system pumps (preferably initially with the tower fans switched off) and the chlorine level should be measured using the test kit provided.
  • Once the required chlorine residual is been established through out the system the cooling tower fans should be switched on for the remainder of the disinfection period in order to ensure that the disinfectant reaches all parts of the system that are normally wetted.
  • The chlorine residual should be tested every 15 minutes and additional chlorine donor added as required to maintain the required chlorine residual for the disinfection contact time (see below).
  • NB Where the system has multiple sumps the disinfectant solution should be added to each of them in order to speed the establishment of the required levels throughout the system.
Contact Time
Min. Continuous
Chlorine Level
Min. Initial Dosage
Min. Initial Dosage
5 Hours5 ppm75ml/m3100ml/m3
2 Hours25 ppm200ml/m3100ml/m3
1 Hours50 ppm600ml/m3100ml/m3

The chlorine levels refer to the minimum continuous reserve that should be maintained throughout the disinfection time (i.e. after the fans have been switched back on). Chlorine will be lost continually during this time period, so the initial chlorine level should exceed the desired continuous chlorine level, as reflected in the recommended initial dosage rates.

Once the circulation period is complete the chlorine residual should be neutralised by adding 14ml of DECHLOR S14 per ppm (mg/l) of chlorine per m3 of system content and circulated until the chlorine has been neutralised. The system should be then drained to sewer.

The system can now be physically cleaned to remove all sludge and deposits.


After the physical cleaning process, the system should be disinfected again as instructed above. Again, the chlorine level should be tested every 15 minutes and boosted as required to prevent it dropping below the minimum levels again for the appropriate contact time.

If at the end of the final disinfection period the system is going straight back on line and it has a high water turn over the chlorine level can be allowed to decay naturally however, if the system is not going back onto line straight away or the chlorine level is excessive and / or the system is fitted with a redox probe it should be reduced by the addition of DECHLOR S14.

After this procedure metal surfaces should be re-passivated with the appropriate inhibitor by maintaining double the normal dosage for the first two weeks. You should also reinstate your dosing equipment.

Included Products

Dechlor S14 – a de-chlorinating product.

BS100  – Bio-dispersant and anti-foam.

Feedchlor – Strong stabilised chlorine solution

Test Kits
High Range Chlorine test Kit 0-50mg/l (Included)
Low Range Chlorine test Kit 0-5mg/l (Supplied Separately if required)


Range of Lab Micro and Chemical Analysis Kits

Servicing options and contracts available

If you are looking for periodic consultancy visits to maintain your treatment regimes or to outsource the act of clean and disinfections then talk to us.

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