Chlorine LR 0-5mg/l Comparator Kit

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This product is suitable for testing chlorine at low levels of 5ppm and under.

If you are testing drinking water typical levels should be below 0.5ppm, this may have increased if the utilities are carrying out works nearby.

Swimming Pools typical treat up to 3ppm.

If you suspect the chlorine levels are higher, for example if you are performing a tank disinfection please see the 0-50ppm or 250ppm comparator kits.

1mg/l is equal to 1ppm as the terms are interchangeable.

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Chlorine Low Range 0-5mg/l

Contour Comparator Kit


Contour comparator Disc

3 test tubes

Tablet crusher

Tube brush

Reagents for 30 tests

This test kit can be used to measure the chlorine level during a low level disinfection or measuring ongoing treatment of a system with chlorine at below 5ppm.

High Range kit also available here

Spare Comparator Cells


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