Closed System Protection Bundle Molybdate

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Corroban 50 25kg
Biocide ITA 10kg
(Liquid chemicals)

Molybdate Comparator Kit

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Closed system protection inhibitor bundle

Corroban 50 25kg
Biocide ITA 10kg
(Liquid chemicals)

Molybdate Comparator Kit

Closed system inhibition & Protection

CORROBAN 50 is an easy to use corrosion inhibitor based on a novel blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors, including molybdate, intended to protect steel, copper and other nonferrous metals.  CORROBAN 50 is low hazard, non-toxic and easy to use making it the  ideal treatment for closed chilled water and LTHW and MTHW heating systems.

*Note: Whilst CORROBAN 50 is designed to protect systems which incorporate aluminium it should NOT be used in systems with Ideal Super Plus modular boilers where an alternative product F1-HVAC should be used, and in all applications where aluminium is present it is important to control the pH in the range of 7-8.

Dosage rate

5 – 10 litres / 1000 litres of system water and make-up (in systems not containing Aluminium)

10 – 15 litres / 1000 litres of system water and make-up (in systems containing Aluminium)

Normal treated water control limits

pH 7.0 – 9.0 (Without Aluminium)

pH 7.0 – 8.0 (With Aluminium)

Molybdate: >33mg/l min. (Without Aluminium)

Molybdate: >66mg/l min. (With Aluminium)

TDS: 2000mg/l max.

TVC: 103 cfu/ml max.


For systems which don’t contain aluminium Corroban 50 should be added to the system at an initial dosage rate of  5 – 10 litres / 1000 litres of system water content (increase to 10 – 15 litres / 1000 litres for systems containing aluminium). This will passivate metal and should establish the required minimum Molybdate reserve of >33mg/l. Whenever the system is drained or loses a significant quantity of water then the additional Corroban 50 should be added at the rate of 5 – 10 litres / 1000 litres of water added (increase to 10 – 15 litres / 1000 litres for systems containing aluminium).  .

The active inhibitor reserve can be measured using the included Molybdate closed system testkit.

NB For systems containing aluminium it is important to maintain the system water pH in the range 7.0 – 8.0. Occasionally depending on the water characteristics and system treatment history the pH may rise above pH 8.0 which means that the risk of aluminium corrosion is increased – if this happens then high pH can be reduced by adding an appropriate quantity of a pH Conditioner.

Usage of Biocide

In order to control potentially problematic microbial contamination the system should be dosed initially with the included Biocide ITA at the rate of 200 – 500ml / 1000 litres, this should be repeated once every 3 months. The microbial activity (TVC) in the system can be monitored using microbial dipslides. (Not included)

It is generally recommended that new closed systems are pre-commission cleaned prior to adding a corrosion inhibitor – our product Corrosperse 84 is ideal for this and can also be used to restore heat transfer and flow to older systems. (Not included)

Chemical addition is made easier using a chemical dosing pot.


Corroban 50 – Molybdate based corrosion inhibitor

Biocide ITA  – Broad Spectrum Biocide.

Test Kits
Molybdate Comparator titration kit



Corrosperse 84 – Pre-commission cleaning chemical

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