Corrofreeze 25KG – Antifreeze

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For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Description and usage instructions below.


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Comes in 25KG drum (Liquid chemical)

CORROFREEZE is an ethylene-glycol based antifreeze specially formulated for use in chilled water systems. It contains a blend of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel and non-ferrous metals and a pH indicator to give warning of degradation (the normal colour of CORROFREEZE is pink but this colouration will be lost if the glycol degrades).

Dosage Rate

CORROFREEZE should be dosed in proportion to the system volume to give protection against freezing as follows:

% Corrofreeze
by Volume
Freezing Point
Protection oC

CORROFREEZE can be shot dosed to a system by means of a dosing pot or alternatively can be dosed automatically by means of a water meter controlled dosing system (price on application). 

Suitable for

Chilled Water Systems

Of Steel and Copper, for systems with Galvanised Steel see Corroban 99

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CORROBAN 99 – A propylene-glycol based antifreeze suitable for closed, cooling and heating systems with food safe additives.

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Weight 25 kg

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