Activ-Ox Spa & Tank Disinfectant 2000ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution

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2000ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution

ACTIV-OX SPA & TANK CLEANER harnesses our patented chlorine dioxide chemistry in a safe, instant, easy to use 2-pack product.  As a disinfectant, chlorine dioxide is known for its ability penetrate biofilm and kill dangerous bacteria such as Legionella.

Whilst an on-going chlorine or bromine treatment regime should help to keep bacteria at bay in the pool, it might not be capable of eradicating biofilm – a hidden threat in many spa pools. Biofilm harbours potentially dangerous bacteria, allowing them to thrive within well protected micro environments that are out of sight in tanks and recirculation systems.

Pathogens released from biofilm may be inhaled in aerosols created by water jets in the pool, posing a significant risk to bathers and those working nearby. The UK Health and Safety Executive acknowledges the risks posed by these systems, advising: ‘If they are not managed properly spa pools can be the cause of infections. As a recognised source of Legionnaires’ disease, they are subject to health and safety laws to ensure spa pools remain safe.’

Suitable for

  • Spas and Pools
  • Water Tanks & Down Services

How to use

Spa Pool Disinfection

  1. Observe all site-specific rules and procedures, ensuring that all relevant COSHH / risk assessments, permits, authorisations or method statements have been checked and approved before use. Refer to safety data sheets for information on safe handling.
  2. Raise the level of water in the system to the appropriate level for effective disinfection of the whole system – including overflow channels.  Any overflow grilles (if installed) should be removed and fully immersed in the main bath for the duration of the clean.
  3. Isolate the chemical dosing equipment and switch off air and water jets
  4. Open the 10L Activ-Ox® Spa Cleaner A container and pour into it the entire contents of the 1l Activ-Ox® Spa Cleaner B bottle. Replace the lid securely onto the 10L container and gently agitate for 10-20 seconds to mix and activate.
  5. Pour the activated mixture into the spa and circulate through the system without air agitation.  The water should turn to a yellow / green colour (this is normal).
  6. After around 10 minutes of circulation, activate the water jets (if available) – do not use air.
  7. Leave the system circulating for a total minimum of 90 minutes or ideally overnight.  During this time the yellow colour may decrease significantly and the water might become cloudy as biofilm is removed.
  8. Once the circulation phase is complete you may turn on the spa air jets and circulate for one or two minutes (stop if this results in excessive foaming).
  9. Release the water to drain, replace the grilles if necessary and refill the system with fresh water.
  10. Reinstate dosing equipment and return the spa to normal service.

Other Disinfection Applications

Determine the quantity of pre-mixed activated Spa Cleaner needed using the following formula:

Quantity of Spa Cleaner (L) = (System volume (L) x ppm ClO2 required) / 2000

Example: You want to disinfect a 6000 litre water tank with 5ppm of chlorine dioxide

Quantity of Spa Cleaner required (L) = (6000L x 5ppm) / 2000

= 30,000 / 2000

= 15 Litres of pre-mixed activated Spa Cleaner

Note: Whilst we recommend pre-mixed activated solutions are used immediately, if required they can be stored in a tightly sealed drum in a cool place for up to 1 month after which they should be used or disposed of.

Download the Spa Cleaner PDF for More Detailed Information

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg

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