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Commercial Water Treatment for Building Services

building-services-facilities-managementModern hospitals, hotels and office blocks are reliant on a complex network of water systems which, if not treated effectively, can break down, fail or pose a risk to health.

HVAC heating and chilled water systems can become choked with corrosion, scale or microbial fouling.

Pipework and plant can fail as a result of corrosion, causing massive damage and costing a fortune to repair.

Scale formation can greatly increase the energy consumption of a building.

Domestic water can suffer from “red water” problems and along with evaporative cooling systems, if inadequately treated and maintained, can cause Legionnaires’ Disease.

Even the humble kitchen grease trap can become choked with fat and smell foul.

Feedwater offers a comprehensive range of commercial water treatment products and services designed to keep your building services running efficiently and safely.

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We can supply you with our chemicals with your own label on the drum. So if you are a HVAC or facilities management specialist supplier or an FM company looking to increase your added value, why not contact us because we can help you.

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Commercial Water Treatment Services

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