Sodium Chlorite For Chlorine Dioxide Generator

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For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage.

Don’t forget to order the 9% Hydrochloric Activator

Product description and usage details below.


Sodium Chlorite 7.5% – ClO2 Generator Compatible

This product is NOT compatible with Feedwater Activ-Ox Dosing Systems.

7.5% Sodium Chlorite is commonly used as a chlorine dioxide precursor in Conventional Chlorine Dioxide Generators. Please check the correct Sodium Chlorite strength for your generator. – If in doubt contact us, we can supply other strengths if required.

You will also require a 9% Hydrochloric Acid Solution which is also available in this shop.

Order in bulk and receive large discounts down to £55 per drum equivalent with an order of a 32 drum pallet.

Feedwater offer the chemical precursors used in conventional chlorine dioxide generators at a competitive price however as a company we have pioneered the superior Activ-Ox system for a simpler and safer way to produce ClO2 instantly. If you are considering replacing your existing generator please talk to us about Activ-Ox.

Watch the video concept here.

Enquire about an Activ-Ox Dosing System

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