Therma Differential Thermometer Dual Port

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The thermometer requires either a liquid or surface probe to operate.

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Therma Differential Thermometer Dual Port


The dual port thermometer allows the user to use two type K thermocouple probes simultaneously. The display can be switched to show probe T1 or T2 temperature or the difference between probes T1 and T2 (T1-T2). This allows, for example, the temperature drop across radiators or the temperature rise or fall of two items to be measured.

The Therma Differential measure temperature over the range of -99.9 to 200 degrees C with a 0.1 degree resolution, or 300 to 1372 degrees C with a 1 degree resolution. The thermometer features a custom, LCD display with degrees C, T1, T2, diff, hold, open circuit, low battery indication and an optional back light. The unit incorporates an auto-power off facility the automatically turns the instrument off after approximately ten minutes, maximising battery life.

Each thermometer is housed in a durable, ABS case that has an iterated rubber seal to ensure complete water tightness and help reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments.


Range –            -99.9 to 299.9 degrees and 300 to 1372 degrees

Resolution –       0.1 to 299.9 degrees, thereafter 1 degree

Accuracy –        +/- 4 degrees or +/- 1% of reading

Battery –            3 x 1.5 volt AAA

Battery Life –      7500 hours

Sensor Type –     K thermocouple

Display –            15mm LCD

Dimensions –      32 x 71 x 141mm

Weight –            220 grams

Guarantee –        2 years

The Therma Differential Dual Port Thermometer is priced excluding probes.

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Therma Differential Thermometer Dual Port, Surface Bell Probe, Liquid Probe