Water Hygiene Services

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Water Hygiene Services

foul-water-storage-tankIn the same way that fresh food is perishable, water quality can quickly deteriorate in storage, resulting in an increased risk to health. For over 30 years, Feedwater has been helping our customers to store and use water safely. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to monitor and maintain water hygiene in industrial, food processing and building services applications.

The above images show a water tank prior to and after a thorough clean, a positive Legionella result had been confirmed and there was clear evidence of significant microbal growth. Feedwater also recommended changes to the system as serious issues were identified which would continue to encourage microbial growth.

Water Hygiene Services

As water hygiene specialists Feedwater
can offer a range of services including:

water-tank-cleaningSystem risk identification with a comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment, this is where risk management all starts and is an effective first step in Legionella control.

Clean and disinfection of Cold Water Storage Tanks, Feedwater have an in-house support services team who specialise in clean, chlorination and disinfection of water storage and down services.

For hard water areas especially Shower head descale and cleaning is an important service offered by Feedwater to remove the scale based breeding grounds that inhabit unmaintained shower head. We also sell our ‘ShowerSperse’ chemical in our online shop for building caretakers to perform the act themselves.

Feedwater provide on going ACoP L8 (Tap temperature monitoring) services performed by our in-house team of Field Environmental Technicians.

Where appropriate and recommended Feedwater offer UKAS laboratory water analysis, provided by our in-house micro laboratory. Being in-house means we can offer speedy results and greater collaboration between our departments to offer superior service to our clients.

Feedwater offer the following UKAS approved micro analysis:

  • Legionella
  • E. Coli & Coliforms (Microbial Potability)
  • Pseudomonas
  • TVC
  • Enterococci (Not under our UKAS Schedule)

Any one of these analysis is available to order from our web shop with simple online ordering. Visit our Shop.

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