Tannin Dropper Titration Kit – RGPK014

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Feedwater recommends treating boilers to gain a result of 12 – 20 tannin units using the tannin test kit.

1 drop in 20ml of sample equals 2 tannin units or 20ppm, see the test method of further instructions.

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Tannin (Titration) Testing Kit – RGPK014


The kit includes the following reagents:

– 50% Sulphuric Acid A031 (65ml dropper bottle)

– Tannin/Nitrite Titrant A013 (65ml dropper bottle)

All of the reagents are available to buy as spares separately using the drop down menu.

Tannin titration can be used to find out corrosion inhibitor levels from Feedwater Tannin products.

Relevant Products

Polytan 4C – a blended liquid treatment based on organic tannins, polymer sludge, conditioners and alkali.
Polytan 4F – as above but with the suitability for systems containing COPPER.
Heritage Steam Tannin – Polytan 4F marketed to the heritage steam market.

Don’t forget to download the titration test method here

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