Biocide SD200 Chlorine Tablets

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Slow Release Chlorine Tablets

Suitable for the treatment of:

  • Cooling towers
  • Swimming pools

Safety Data Sheet emailed upon order.

For business and contractors use only.
Product unsuitable for public & domestic usage


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Biocide SD200 Slow Release Chlorine Tablets

Comes in 10KG Keg

Description and Use

BIOCIDE SD200 is a slow release chlorine tablet. It has a highly available chlorine content, possessing extremely effective disinfecting activity. It is ideally suited for applications where it is necessary to maintain continuous low levels of free chlorine and has found favour due to its greater safety in handling and storage than is possible with liquid hypochlorite.


BIOCIDE SD200 TABLETS can be used for any application where it is necessary to maintain a continuous chlorine residual. Typical applications include:

  • Cooling towers
  • Swimming pools etc.

Dosage Rates

The dosage rate of BIOCIDE SD200 will be dependent on the required chlorine residual, the chlorine demand of the water volume to be treated. The rate at which BIOCIDE SD200 tablets dissolve depends on the temperature and agitation of the water, but typically one tablet will dissolve in about a week in still water at 20°C. The tablets can either be suspended in a mesh bucket or dosed via a tablet flow cell.

FEEDWATER will be happy to advise on initial dosage rates. However, the chlorine residual should be monitored regularly using a simple chlorine test kit and the rate of tablet addition adjusted accordingly.

For drinking water a free chlorine residual of 0.1-0.5ppm should be maintained at all times.

Other Tests

In addition to regular testing for Free chlorine residuals, it is recommended that the system be tested regularly using dipslides to monitor general bacterial activity, together with periodic laboratory analysis for Legionella Pneumophila to ensure effective treatment routines are being applied.

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.*

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