Biocide RO DBNPA based non-oxidising

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Biocide RO

Comes in 25kg drum (Liquid chemical)

Description and Use

Biocide RO is a highly concentrated  broad spectrum non-oxidising biocide solution based on DBNPA.

Biocide RO is designed for use in a range of membrane applications.

It is particularly rapid in its action and has an excellent environmental profile because it degrades quickly and naturally.

RO and membrane Treatment

Off-line CIP Addition
A dosage to achieve of 50 – 200ml/m3 should be added based on the combined volume of the CIP tank, pipework and the membrane housings.

The contact time and recirculation time is dependent on the amount and composition of the fouling.
It is preferred that Biocide RO is diluted with RO Permeate.

On-line Shock Treatment

Dose to the Feedwater to the RO plant at a rate of 10 – 50ml/m3 for a period of at least 1 hour and repeated as required to restore performance and maintain the membranes.

NB Where bisulphite is used to remove chlorine upstream of the RO the dosage of Biocide RO will need to be increased as the bisulphite neutralizes the DBNPA.

For detailed advice on selection of cleaning programs, application rates and product please consult us using the enquires page

*Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.*

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Weight 25 kg

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