Enterococci Water Analysis

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  • Each analysis includes one bottle for one sample
  • Insulated box with cool packs to stop sample changing in the post
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery return packet. (To drop off at Post Office)
  • Expert Advice & Interpretation available at no additional cost
  • Simply fill the bottle, return and wait for results


Enterococci sample kit with analysis performed by our in-house laboratory where we also carry out Legionella, Pseudomonas & E. Coli analysis.

Our service is a packaged product, you will receive by post a sterilised bottle/s, instructions and a prepaid return packet to ensure you can swiftly return the sample to us.

The Water Supply Regulations 2010 lay out the parameters required for water standards in the UK, the Drinking Water Inspectorate regulates this in England, you can find information on this on the DWI site here (p94).

Here is a brief reference table:

Maximum allowed in
drinking water
The point where the
legal standards apply
Directive Requirements
Enterococci0 /100mlConsumers' taps
Escherichia coli
(E. coli)
0 /100mlConsumers' taps
National Requirements
Escherichia coli
(E. coli)
0 /100mlService reservoirs and
water treatment works
Coliform bacteria0 /100mlService reservoirs and
water treatment works

Please note E Coli & Coliforms are not included in this analysis, see – E Coli Testing.

When should sampling be done?

Enterococci analysis is usually performed where there is the suspicion that there has been faecal pollution / sewage contamination within the water from either human or animal origins. You may be looking to test whether a stream or swimming pool poses a health risk, in these cases the best indicators of health risks come from E coli and Enterococci water analysis.

The presence of these organisms indicates that other and more dangerous organisms may be present.

Typical sources faecal pollution to surface waters include effluent treatment plants, septic tanks, animal waste and storm run-off.

As well as E. Coli, Coliforms, TVC & Pseudomonas; Enterococci is a parameter which may be useful to test for in poultry / broiler farm drinking water lines.

We include a pre-paid Special Delivery mail bag with your packet, you must be able to get to a post office same day as sampling. If you know this isn’t possible speak to us about our courier collection option (this is at extra charge).

To ensure the sample does not change in the post we must stress the customer take these steps in its return:

  • Freeze gel packs over night and place in insulated box.
  • Sample in the morning and take the packet to the Post Office before last collection.

This product requires insulated packaging to prevent the bacterial levels from changing in the post, the insulated packaging is therefore mandatory.

It is preferable the sample be taken and posted the same day to arrive within 24 hours to ensure accurate analysis. Samples can be taken Monday to Thursday but not Friday as the lab is not open weekends.

Once the sample is received it is analysed and the results are emailed back to you with recommendations. Other labs will usually not help you to interpret results but we are happy to give you a brief overview on your options.

We also have various control service which you have the option request if you feel you need professional assistance to deal with the issue, discretion and privacy is always given for this service.

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