Facilities management chemicals

Legionella Risk in Hotels over COVID Lockdown

Evidence is emerging of the significant increase in Legionella growth in premises offering overnight accommodation where the usage/occupancy was affected during the 2020/21 COVID lockdown. The information strongly suggests that there is a potentially increased risk of Legionella exposure for those people staying in hotels or similar accommodation when the sites come back into full use in 2021. Legionella infections include the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease, an atypical form of pneumonia, with a high mortality rate.

Car Manufacturer Paint Shop Bacterial Control with Bromine and Chlorine

A client in the automotive industry had reported continuous and repeated high bacterial levels in the Air Recirculation Process units that feed humid air into the paint spray booths to suppress dirt and dust in the air. This led to poor control, poor compliance and increased costs on disruptive and time consuming cleans. A Feedwater consultant proposed the use of a bromine based treatment using Feedbrom and Feedchlor chemicals to fix the issue.

Meat Packing Abattoir Cooling Tower Water Treatment Case Study

An Abattoir was pursuing the use of a borehole for the supply of make-up water to two large Evapco condensers. Site already had an existing water treatment supplier treating the condensers whom had recently submitted a large quotation for dosing/control equipment for a third new condenser to be installed. A local Feedwater consultant was able to offer an alternative option using Coolguard chemicals and save the client a significantly against other competitive proposals.