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Wirral Business Awards Winners

Winners of the Sustainable Business of the Year Award – Feedwater We are very proud to announce that Feedwater has been recognized as the Sustainable Business of the Year at the Wirral Business Awards 2023. This is a testament to the hard work, commitment, and innovative strategies implemented by our dedicated team. We endeavour not…

Water Recycling and Reuse in the Food & Beverage Sector

Dr McCoy highlights the reasons water recycling and reuse is key to improving water efficiency in many industrial sectors. And although there have been several government and private initiatives to assist in the implementation of recycling projects, the uptake of these projects has been somehow limited. Yolla’s featured research paper summarises findings from an extensive study that was done between 2010 – 2017 and revisited in 2021 following the significant increases in material and energy costs in the UK.

Feedwater collaborates on COVID air-scrubber project for NHS

Feedwater Ltd is pleased to share details of a research collaboration brought together by The Innovation Agency; the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast in November 2021.

The project is intended to form the basis of a BSI standard for air disinfecting equipment. The partners; Liverpool University, Innovation Agency NW, Feedwater Ltd, and Essential Microbiology Ltd all providing essential elements in this project.

The following is a summary from the submission made to the Research Collaboration of the Year award detailing the project and the success which has led the implementation of new criteria for suppliers by NHS supply chain.

Facilities management chemicals

Legionella Risk in Hotels over COVID Lockdown

Evidence is emerging of the significant increase in Legionella growth in premises offering overnight accommodation where the usage/occupancy was affected during the 2020/21 COVID lockdown. The information strongly suggests that there is a potentially increased risk of Legionella exposure for those people staying in hotels or similar accommodation when the sites come back into full use in 2021. Legionella infections include the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease, an atypical form of pneumonia, with a high mortality rate.

Facilities management chemicals

Ensuring Safety and Compliance of Water Systems During the COVID -19 Pandemic

A Study of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide effect on Hotel Legionella Control in lockdown As the UK emerged from the first lockdown and businesses started to reopen, the challenge of maintaining good microbiological control, during this Lockdown period became apparent. To study this, Feedwater carried out comparative data analysis to evaluate the impact of chlorine dioxide…

Investing in 21st Century Water Treatment

Building new digital systems such as web portals to give our customers anytime access to their important reports, certificates and data securely is one of the ways we are making sure water treatment is ready for the digital age. This helps our customers keep all needed data in one place ready for audits from the HSE.