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Ensuring Safety and Compliance of Water Systems During the COVID -19 Pandemic

A Study of Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide effect on Hotel Legionella Control in lockdown As the UK emerged from the first lockdown and businesses started to reopen, the challenge of maintaining good microbiological control, during this Lockdown period became apparent. To study this, Feedwater carried out comparative data analysis to evaluate the impact of chlorine dioxide…

Investing in 21st Century Water Treatment

Building new digital systems such as web portals to give our customers anytime access to their important reports, certificates and data securely is one of the ways we are making sure water treatment is ready for the digital age. This helps our customers keep all needed data in one place ready for audits from the HSE.

11 Things you didn’t know about Feedwater – #9

Feedwater microbiological and chemistry water analysis offerings continue to grow.

Feedwater has proudly positioned itself as the all in one water treatment company carrying a wide gamut of products and services to cover the entirety of customer’s water treatment requirements. This has included having in-house chemistry and microbiological laboratories which process 10,000s of water samples for analysis every year.

11 Things you didn’t know about Feedwater – #7

Feedwater is bringing superior Chlorine Dioxide to the Poultry industry Broiler farms across the UK rely on some form a water treatment for their poultry drinking lines and many have rightly looked at Chlorine Dioxide as an answer to that problem. Some of the advantages of using ClO2 are as follows: Chlorine dioxide is a…

11 Things you didn’t know about Feedwater – #6

Feedwater is helping communities with Fracking concerns As the UK government seeks new ways to ensure domestic energy security and hedges it bets on long term hydrocarbon production tax receipts, the push for fracking has naturally concerned local communities in proposed and planned hydraulic fracturing areas. Communities looking to document water quality from underground springs and…

Mayoral Visit for Feedwater’s 40th

Wirral Mayor helps Feedwater Celebrate 40 years of Success The Mayor of Wirral, Councillor  Les Rowlands recently visited the Moreton based water treatment specialist Feedwater Ltd as part of their celebrations as they enter their 40th year of trading. Managing Director Tim Parkinson (Left), who joined Feedwater as an apprentice 35 years ago, said: It…

11 Things you didn’t know about Feedwater – #5

Feedwater is thinking green with ISO14001 Feedwater is accredited as an ISO14001 company which means we have achieved our target and are committed to continued reduction of our impact on the environment. Factors in this include the large recycling program, energy efficiency drive as well as vehicle emission reduction target which has just been updated with fantastic results. Target: Over…