Palintest Kemio – Chlorine, Chlorite & Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

Palintest Kemio Kit Includes:

  • Kemio Sensor Instrument
  • Protective Carry Case
  • Check Standards
  • Micro USB
  • International Adaptor
  • Stylus
  • Quick Start Instructions

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Palintest Kemio – Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorine, Chlorite & Peracetic acid analyser

The new Kemio analyser instrument is the next generation test equipment for the analysis of Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite & Peracetic Acid. With a sleek design and large colour touch screen the Kemio offers highly advanced features and excellent control for lab quality results in the field. The Palintest Kemio has been designed for simplicity and ease of use with a very intuitive methodology and on screen visual instructions it can be used by anyone.

Some of the advanced features include the ability to set your own test limits on what constitutes a  pass or failing result to make action requirements clear to the operator and with the new built in barcode scanner there is even the ability to scan a reference to identify the sample in your record logs.

Kemio Analyser with Sensor Technology

Get consistent results from all your operators. Kemio minimises user input, to ensure repeatable and reliable results each time.

Kemio is suitable for all users, ready straight out of the box, with no training required. Helping to improve operational efficiency, by reducing labour time and minimizing disruption.

Go paperless, protect your data and meet your compliance requirements. The integrated data log summarises 10,000 results to provide a traceable, auditable dataset extractable via usb.

Kemio is personalised to your testing needs, add your unique test and application information to give meaning to your results.

Kemio delivers the results you need from a method you can trust.

Kemio is a direct replacement for the Chlordioxense & Chlorosense sensor instrument

Test Ranges:

Chlorine0.02 - 10mg/l free chlorine0.05 - 75mg/l total chlorine
Chlorine High Range0.1 - 25mg/l free chlorine1 - 500mg/l total chlorine
Chlorine Dioxide0.02 - 50mg/l
Chlorite0.02 - 50mg/l
Peracetic Acid5 - 2000mg/l

pdf downloadDownload the quick start guide pdf here

Kemio Instrument Demo

Activ-Ox Demo Video

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Complete Kemio Kit in Soft Carry, Pack of 100 Chlorine Sensors, Pack of 500 Chlorine Sensors, Pack of 100 Chlorine High Range Sensors, Pack of 500 Chlorine High Range Sensors, Starter Pack of 100 Chlorine Dioxide sensors & glycine reagent, Pack of 100 Chlorine Dioxide / Chlorite sensors, Pack of 500 Chlorine Dioxide / Chlorite sensors, Pack of 100 peracetic acid sensors, Pack of 500 peracetic acid sensors, Glycine Reagent