Biocut Liquid 5L for Grease Traps

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BIOCUT LIQUID is a biological treatment to keep drains and grease traps clean, free flowing and prevent drain odors but can also be used with benefit in effluent from food factories and agricultural activity.

BIOCUT LIQUID uses the activity of natural enzymes rather than strong chemicals and thus controls these problems in an ‘Environmentally Friendly’ way.

BIOCUT LIQUID is supplied as a viscous liquid providing ease of handling and controlled usage.

Simply add direct to the drain or grease trap. Alternatively the liquid may be dosed using a fully automated dosing unit.

Dosage Rate

Biocut should be dosed direct to the grease trap at the rate of 50 – 100ml per day during a period of none or minimal use. eg last thing at night.

Other effluent applications

Dose initially at a rate of 10ml/m3 of system volume (minimum dosage 50ml)

Thereafter dose daily at the rate of 1-10ml/m3 throughout.

The dosage required will be dependent on the strength of the effluent and residence time and should be adjusted according to results.

Comes in a 5L drum

Suitable for

  • Drains
  • Kitchen Grease Traps

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