TR7 Domestic Water Softener

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The TR14 Water softener is capable of softening 0.56m3 of water per hour.Package Includes:

  • Domestic Water Softener (with Resin)
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • 25kg Bag of Salt
  • Free Delivery

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TR7 0.56m3/hr Domestic water softener

The TR7 Water softener is capable of softening 0.56m3 of water per hour.

Package Includes:

  • Domestic Water Softener (with Resin)
  • Hardness Test Kit
  • 25kg Bag of Salt
  • Free Delivery
Resin Capacity (litres)7
Service Flow (m3/hr)0.56
Capacity between regens (litres at 300ppm hardness)1400
Regen time (minutes)52
Salt used per regen (kg)0.98
Water used per regen (litres)84
Vessel size8" x 17"
Width of cabinet230mm
Depth of cabinet450mm
Total Height (no hood)635mm
Total Height (with hood)660mm
Inlet / Outlet connections3/4" BSPM

What you will need

You will require the assistance of a plumber to manage the installation of the water softener, you will also need to purchase some rubber hosing for the drain on the back of the softener, garden hose will be suitable for this.


The unit can be self commissioned but should you prefer us to carry out this task please contact us for a quote, it will be unlikely we can commission at short notice so please keep this in mind.

Working out hardness and Softener capacity

When choosing your residential water softener you will need to work out the hardness of your area, this information should be available online. The softener will have a capacity (m3) of hard water it can soften before it reaches exhaustion and requires regeneration. You will need to calculate your regeneration using your water’s hardness and typical daily water usage to work out how often your softener will need to regenerate and set the time clock accordingly. You will want to set it to regenerate with a healthy buffer time prior to exhaustion so no hardness is passed, you should set regeneration to happen at a period of unlikely usage for example in the early hours of the morning as the softener will go into by pass during regeneration.

Capacity at different hardnesses

HardnessCapacity of softened water


If your mains water hardness is 300ppm hardness (Typical London Water)

Your water softener will need to regenerate after producing 1400 litres (1.4 m3) of soft water.

If you use just under 1400 litres of water per day then a nightly regeneration will suit you fine, if you work out you need more than one regeneration a day you should be looking at a larger domestic water softener model, (please see in our shop). Alternatively you may work out you will only need to regenerate once every couple of days.

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