Corroban 24 Multifunctional Blend

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Comes in 25KG Drum (Liquid Chemical)

CORROBAN 24 is a blended liquid treatment based on sulphite which combines the functions of oxygen scavenger, alkalinity builder, phosphate treatment and sludge conditioner.

Is an ideal single treatment for low pressure steam boilers using softened make-up water.

CORROBAN 24 reacts with oxygen to form products which have no adverse effect on boiler integrity. One of these products enhances protection against caustic embrittlement.

Suitable for

Steam boilers

Dosage rate

CORROBAN 24 should be dosed in relation to dissolved oxygen and hardness content of the feedwater and to maintain a reserve of approximately 30-70ppm of sulphite in the boiler.

A Feedwater representative can advise the exact dosage required for your application.

Example Boiler control limits

pH 10+

Sulphite: 30 – 70

Alkali: <1200(M) 350+(OH)

Phosphate: 30 – 80

TDS: 3500mg/l max.

The active inhibitor reserves can be measured using our simple Sulphite testkit, Alkalinity testkit and Phosphate testkit.

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