Chlorine Dioxide (Total Ox.) Testing Kit – RGPK008

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Chlorine Dioxide (Total Ox) Testing Kit – RGPK008


Activ-Ox Titrant – A016

Sulphuric Acid 50% Acidifying Reagent – A031

Activ-Ox Indicator Powder – A018

Potassium Iodide Tablets – AT001

Can be ordered as full kit or as separate reagents.

This test kit will detect oxidants by iodometric titration, including chlorine dioxide, chlorine and chlorite – collectively reported as an oxidising equivalent of chlorine dioxide.  This test will not detect chlorate, for which there is currently no simple field test (to the best of our knowledge).  However, chlorate is not expected to be a significant disinfection by-product  in well maintained, chemically optimised chlorine dioxide dosing systems

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Full Chlorine Dioxide (Total Ox) Testing Kit – RGPK008, Activ-Ox Titrant – A016, Sulphuric Acid 50% Acidifying Reagent – A031, Activ-Ox Indicator Powder – A018, Potassium Iodide Tablets – AT001