Feedwater Company Values – DRIVE


The quality of the service that we deliver is all our responsibility. We work as a team to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure that all their needs are met.

We always deliver on our promises and keep our customers and colleagues informed of any changes. If we need help to get things done, we ask our colleagues for support.

We are effective and efficient delivering customer satisfaction whilst minimising waste & maximising profit. We save our customers time and money & we help them stay legally compliant


At Feedwater we are a team where everyone has a role to play. We value and encourage suggestions from all to contribute to a positive and productive working environment and we celebrate each other’s successes and achievements.

We always try our best in everything we do but if we make a mistake, we take ownership, apologise and seek to rectify to maintain positive working relationships.

We don’t hurt people.

We treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness.


We do not rest on our laurels. We actively pursue ways to improve our products, services and working practises to be more efficient, economical and improve the customer experience.

When targets and goals are set, we see them as stepping stones to success, growth, development and personal achievement. 

We seek opportunities to grow and share knowledge, learning from failure, success and achievement to build better products and services. We ensure that we and our customers adhere to legislation and standards and keep our customers aware of relevant changes – helping to improve standards.


We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and legislative requirements and provide them with bespoke solutions as this is what puts us above our competitors.

New and different ways of working are encouraged and we look for innovative ways to grow and develop our company, products and services. We do not allow today’s practises to restrain us.

We regularly share our ideas with our colleagues as we recognise a collaborative approach is best. We are not precious about our ideas we will quickly adapt to ensure we get the job done and the desired outcome is achieved.


We recognise that we have a personal and collective responsibility to protect our local and global environments. Making a more positive environmental impact is a high priority in our decisions and actions.

We understand the importance of protecting and improving health, safety and wellbeing for all and act to minimise any potential risk. We are leaders in the field of legionella safety, we engage with regulators to shape guidance and legislation.

As representatives of Feedwater we accept that our customers and colleagues will hold us accountable to the highest standard of behaviour and compliance and we do nothing that would damage our company’s reputation.