Energy & Water Savings

Our services help increase our customers operation efficiency saving them £ millions per year.

Energy and Water Savings

Without effective water treatment, you will almost certainly be spending more than you need to on energy, water and effluent charges.

We save our customers £Millions/year with our products and services.

  • We save one of our dairy customers over £100,000/year by enabling them to recycle process condensate.
  • Another customer saves £87,000/year on fuel following our recommendations to install an RO plant and use our treatment chemicals.
  • A large food site saved £37,000/year using our innovative Bromgard® chemical programme and utilising RO reject water.
  • We helped a major manufacturing company to redesign their effluent system so they not only remained in compliance but saved £98,000/year on discharge and sludge costs.

Did you know?

  • A boiler blowdown reduction of 3-4% will save you 1% of your annual fuel bill.
  • Not all boiler treatment programmes require the same amount of blowdown.
  • Scale formation is very costly: a calcium carbonate scale deposit of less than 0.25mm can result in a 4% reduction in energy efficiency.
  • The right cooling water treatment will allow you run at higher cycles of concentration, which will dramatically reduce your water and effluent costs.
  • With the right water treatment programme, it is often possible to recycle and reuse water from one process to feed another, reducing water and effluent costs.
  • If you have a cooling tower, you are entitled to a reduction on your trade effluent charges to allow for water that is lost through evaporation.

How can we help you?

  • Boiler blowdown reduction and heat recovery
  • Low TDS boiler treatment programmes
  • Cooling tower bleed reduction
  • Water Recycle and Reuse projects
    Water usage and treatment surveys

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