Chemical Manufacturing & Blending Services

Finding the right facilities to manufacture your product is important to ensure the right expertise, qualtity control and research & development capacity to assist you in developing your product long term.
Our long established chemical blending service could be just what you need to manufacture your product here in the UK. We manufacture chemicals for some of the biggest companies in the world and can also supply our products with your name on.

Chemical Manufacturers & Blenders

chemical productionFeedwater Ltd are an established Water Treatment company operating since 1976. Having a large catalogue of varying chemical products has made Feedwater especially good at formulating high quality chemical products. Because of this our services have been sought out for chemical manufacture by other companies who have looking to use our chemicals under their name or to have us manufacture their formulas in our quality controlled production department.

Our chemical production capabilities are adaptable to almost any chemical blend requirement. With a team of laboratory experts we can work with you to ensure a high quality and effective product is produced if your product is still in the formulating stage or help you perfect a ready formula while protecting your formulations and intellectual property or we can just manufacturer to your exact specification.

We have the ability to produce your product in bulk IBC containers if your company has the need to have your product bottled and packaged third party. Or we can blend and fill containers in production labelled to your specification. Our usual containers consist of 200L 25L 10L 5L drums. Feedwater also has a bottling plant for containers of just 1 up to a few litres. We can also provide professional screen printing services for the bottles to increase the quality feel of the product packaging.

chemical equipmentFeedwater manufacture equipment too

Our products work best when used with our equipment which may be the same for you, if your product needs complementary systems to perform its job we may be able to help you by manufacturing systems to your specification. This service is entirely down to the complexity of your product and our ability to comfortably schedule or expand our engineering capabilities but we would be more than happy to discuss this possibility with you.

Choose an ISO 14001 company

If you are looking for a chemical blending service by an environmentally conscious company then contact us today.

Taking Delivery

We understand it is important to give your customers the right impression which is why we can work with you to ensure the logistic process reveals as much or as little about our third party involvement in your product as you want. Either by delivery direct to you or by delivery from Feedwater liveried transports or by a reputable logistics carrier.

It is important to get the balance right as some clients prefer to show our involvement (especially true of abroad clients where ‘made in UK’ helps sell a product or as production by an ISO 14001 company is a selling point) while other may wish to keep their production arrangements entirely secret which in that case we can work with you to ensure our involvement is not seen by the client.

All you need to do is sell

All manner of eventualities and types of partnership exist but if your company simply wants to gain contracts and sell the product then from production to delivery can be taken on by us reiterating points made above we can adapt our involvement to suit your strategy. If you don’t have the storage or facilities to take the product from us yourself let us provide you with solutions to keep your operation as light and as focused on your company strengths as possible.

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