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Water Treatment Products, Systems & Chemicals

Feedwater is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, equipment and water softeners, backed up by specialist services to keep commercial customers safe and industrial plants running.

A UK-based industrial water treatment company, we specialise in commercial applications and are experts in treating boilers and cooling water systems, Legionella control, chlorine dioxide products and effluent and wastewater treatment.

New to 2014, Feedwater now offers a convenient way to buy your water treatment products online in our new web shop findable from any page on this website.

The UK’s most complete water treatment company

Whether you are looking for water treatment chemicals and service, a water softener, dosing equipment, a legionella risk assessment and legionella control systems, or just a professional second opinion – we have the solutions and we can help you.

We are the only water treatment company to have all this under one roof.

Why not ask us to show you how we can help keep your plant running, save you money and keep your company operating within the law.

In the UK and Ireland, our customers include major industrial and commercial organisations, Facilities Management companies and other commercial water treatment system specialists. We also have a network of overseas distributors for our chemicals and equipment and are always keen to talk to other service specialists looking for high quality, cost-effective water treatment products to add to their range.

We opened an online water treatment shop in 2014 where chemicals and other solutions are available to purchase easily.


New Online Shop

You can now purchase selected Feedwater chemicals, equipment & lab testing services online.

Regional Services

We are one of the UK’s leading water treatment companies.

We have teams of local specialists based in Scotland, Wales, North West, North East, Midlands, South West, London & South East England, as well as Southern Ireland. We are only a phone call away.


If you are a distributor or simply an industrial water treatment specialist with your own company looking for cost-effective products to offer to your customers, then visit our Own Label Water Treatment Chemicals and Export pages.

Additionally our chemical blending services can provide a tailored service to manufacture your products.

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