Palintest Pooltester (Chlorine, pH & Alk)

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Test your pool for Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity using the Palintest Pool tester.

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Palintest Pool Tester Kits

The Pooltester range from Palintest provides simple and cost effective pool, spa and hot tub testing, with simple to use devices that use the standard Palintest reagent chemistries for reliable results. These Pool tester kits couldn’t be simpler to use; simply dip the test block in the water, add the tablets, watch the colour develop in seconds and then read the result from the colour scale.

Pool tester SP 612 for Chlorine (0.5-5mg), pH & Alkalinity

  • Includes 20x DPD1 tablets
  • Includes 20x Phenol Red pH tablets
  • Includes 10x Alkalinity tablets
  • Supplied with Testing block and Instruction leaflet.

SP 612 Testing Range:
Chlorine (Cl2): 0.5 – 5.0mg/l
pH: 6.8 – 8.2
Alkalinity (CaCO3): 0 – 250mg/l

Pooltester AL004B Refill (DPD No 1/pH/Alkavis)

Refil kit with 30 Tests each of free chlorine, alkalinity and pH

Swimming Pool / Spa Microbial Water Analysis

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Swimming Pools and Spas can cause outbreaks of infection such as eye and ear infection and gastroenteritis. Spas have also been shown to cause serious, potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. For these reasons swimming pool analysis is required for public pools and recommended by Feedwater for private pools.

Parameters included for Swimming Pool and Spa testing analysis are set out in the product description below.

Spa pools require an additional Legionella water test every quarter as well as risk assessments and a comprehensive control program. Speak to us about risk assessments and pool treatments.

You can now order a 12 month supply of sample kits for your Pool or Spa at an additional discount.
12 Month Pool analysis includes 12 x Hygiene Analysis
12 Month Spa analysis includes 8 x Hygiene Analysis & 4 x Hygiene & Legionella (to take quarterly).

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Pool tester SP 612 for Chlorine (0.5-5mg), pH & Alkalinity, Pooltester AL004B Refill (DPD No 1/pH/Alkavis)


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