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Legionnaires outbreak Edinburgh

Legionnaires Outbreak, Edinburgh & Renfrew

Many people are concerned after the Edinburgh legionnaires outbreak and more so with the new outbreak in Renfrew so it is important to know whether or not you may already have a contaminated cooling tower or domestic water system.

If you suspect there has been an outbreak of legionella in your area, you don’t want to wait to find out if you are harbouring a problem. Call us today for confidential advice and rapid water testing in our UKAS accredited laboratories.

Archived News on Renfrew and Edinburgh aftermath

Friday 26th July

  • Evening Times – Two more Legionella cases in Renfrew outbreak“A FURTHER two cases of Legionnaires’ Disease linked to the Renfrew area have been confirmed – bringing the total number to eight.”Patients are responding well as the authorities are still searching for the source of the outbreak.All local cooling towers have been treated with chemical as a precautionary measure with samples being taken from many.
  • The Scotsman – Legionnaires disease: Two new more Renfrew cases“Two further cases of Legionnaires’ disease linked to the Renfrew area have been confirmed, taking the total number of cases in the current outbreak to eight.””Earlier this week, a report revealed that dealing with an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Edinburgh last year cost the health service almost three-quarters of a million pounds.”

Thursday 18th July

  • STV – Police investigate death of 4 victims from last years Edinburgh outbreak“The Crown Office confirmed on Friday that a 64-year-old woman died on July 15 after contracting the disease.Three men aged 56, 47 and 65 were already known to have died between June 5 and June 30.”Last years outbreak has recently been reduced from a suspected 101 cases to 92 after the outbreak was declared over on the18th of July exactly a year ago.The Police and HSE are still investigating the cause of the outbreak, it is suspected the origins are a cooling tower in the south-west of the city.

Wednesday 17th July

  • The Herald Scotland – Sixth case found in legionella outbreakWith the number of infected patients reaching six the search is on for the source of the outbreak. The precautionary action of treating all cooling towers in a 4 mile radius of patients homes has been taken.Chemical disinfection is carried out to kill any Legionella bacteria which may be harboured in poorly treated cooling systems.”All the cases have had some connection to the Renfrew area and investigations into a possible source are ongoing in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, Health Protection Scotland, Renfrewshire Council and other local authorities.”

Monday 3rd June

  • STV – Legionnaires victims frustrated one year on by lack of information“The outbreak last June saw a total of 101 confirmed and suspected cases. Three men died from the disease, including Robert Air, who worked on a building site near the cooling towers where it is thought to have originated from.”Work carries on at the HSE to compile a report on the suspected source of the outbreak and to determine if any laws were broken.John Maclaren, thought to be the first person diagnosed with the disease had this to say “I’m just so incredibly frustrated by the lack of information. Right from the start there seems to have been a wall of silence. There is plenty of gossip about who is responsible but none of the authorities have ever given us real information.”

Articles from Edinbugh 2012

Wednesday 27th June

  • The Scotsman – Firms may struggle to stop further outbreaks of Legionnaires diseaseFirms could face “problems” complying with official guidance aimed at preventing outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, safety chiefs warned yesterday.A review of outbreaks over the past decade will be discussed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) tomorrow. It follows the recent cases in Edinburgh which have resulted in two deaths.Pam Waldron, HSE director in Scotland, appeared before the health committee yesterday which is investigating the way authorities responded.

Tuesday 26th June

  • Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Expert says four cases sparked responseThe public health consultant who led the response to Edinburgh’s deadly Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak has outlined his actions to MSPs.Dr Duncan McCormick, of NHS Lothian, said the outbreak, which killed two and hospitalised dozens, was declared after confirmation of three or four cases.The appearance before Holyrood’s committee came in light of case numbers rising to 95. There are now 48 confirmed and 47 suspected cases.
  • STV – Legionnaires’: Date to be set for official end of outbreakA date for the official end of the Legionnaires’ outbreak in Edinburgh is to be set on Tuesday.During evidence to the Health and Sport Committee at the Scottish Parliament, Dr Duncan McCormick from NHS Lothian said the incident management team would be meeting later on in the day. It was expected that they would set a date for the outbreak to be declared officially over.He said this would depend on the incubation period of up to 19 days and the date on which the cooling towers in the south of the city were treated for the legionella bacteria.

Monday 25th June

  • The Scotsman – Rise in Legionnaires’ disease casesThe number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease recorded in a deadly outbreak has risen again. The overall number of cases in the Edinburgh outbreak now stands at 95, an increase of two since the last update on Thursday.There are now 48 confirmed cases and 47 suspected cases, a rise of one in both categories. Two people have died since the first case was identified at the end of May. Of those being treated in hospital, three patients are in intensive care and 12 are on general wards.
  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Cases rise to 95The number of people thought to have been affected by an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Edinburgh has risen to 95. There are now 48 confirmed cases and 47 suspected cases, with three of the patients in intensive care. The first case was identified on 31 May and two people have died.It is thought there was a common airborne exposure to the Legionella bacterium over south west Edinburgh but the exact source has not been located. The Scottish government said that the 95 cases included 12 people being treated in general wards, 20 being treated in the community and 51 who have been discharged from hospital.

Saturday 23rd June

Friday 22nd June

  • STV – Legionnaires’ outbreak: Cooling towers identified as probable sourceCooling towers on one Edinburgh street in the shadow of Hearts stadium have been identified as the probable source of the fatal Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak.Test results presented to the expert team investigating the outbreak which has killed two men have suggested that the source of exposure is most likely to be the cluster of cooling towers on Wheatfield Road.Two businesses based in the street, who were not named in the report, are at the centre of investigations. Both companies were served with improvement notices as part of the investigation following the outbreak, along with the National Museum of Scotland.
  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Cooling towers ‘likely’ sourceInitial tests on cooling towers at the centre of the Legionnaires’ outbreak in Edinburgh have proved inconclusive. But the latest update from NHS Lothian confirmed the source is most likely to be from industrial sites in Wheatfield Road in the south west of the city.The most common type of Legionella bacterium, Legionella pneumophila serogroup1, has been identified as the cause of infection in patients. The number of confirmed cases now stands at 47, with 46 suspected. Two people have died during the outbreak.

Thursday 21st June

  • STV – Legionnaires’ outbreak: No new cases for the second day in a rowThe number of people suffering Legionnaires’ disease in the Edinburgh outbreak has remained the same for the second day in a row. On Wednesday, the Scottish Government said there is a total of 91 cases. The number of confirmed is 44 and suspected is 47.Three people have been moved out of intensive care since Tuesday, leaving three still in that ward. 18 people are on other wards in hospital. A total of 19 people are being treated at home and 44 have been discharged.

Wednesday 20th June

  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: MSPs to quiz response teamThe team which has been managing the response to the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Edinburgh is to be quizzed by a committee of MSPs.Two people have died and there have been 44 confirmed cases in the outbreak which began at the end of May.Holyrood’s health and sport committee will conduct its evidence session on Tuesday, 26 June. Representatives from Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian and the Health and Safety Executive will be before the committee.
  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: managers urged to actCompany managers are being urged to monitor and maintain water systems regularly, following the outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in Scotland.Property services firm DTZ said the recent cases in Edinburgh highlighted the “critical importance” of monitoring building water systems.DTZ said facilities managers should ensure equipment is well maintained and subject to regular inspection regimes. It added companies failing to do so risked their corporate reputation.

Monday 18th June

  • Daily Record – Legionnaires outbreak: Two more cases confirmed by NHS LothianTwo new cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been confirmed in an outbreak which has claimed two lives. Both of the new cases are of people who have been ill for some time and who were originally among those suspected of having the disease, NHS Lothian said.The total number of confirmed cases now stands at 44 and the number of suspected cases is still 47. The overall number of cases is now 91, up from 89 yesterday.

Sunday 17th June

  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Case numbers staticLatest reports on the Edinburgh Legionnaires’ disease outbreak which has left two people dead show no new suspected or confirmed cases.Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said it was further evidence the outbreak had “reached its peak”.To date there have been 42 confirmed cases and 47 suspected cases, centred around the south west area of the city.
  • Daily Record – Legionnaires’ virus outbreak cases rise to 89 as five take legal actionThe number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the Edinburgh outbreak that has killed two people has risen to 89, it emerged last night. The updated figures show one previously suspected case of the disease has now been confirmed.The figures come as it emerged five people are taking legal action over the outbreak in the south-west of Edinburgh. There have now been 89 cases – 42 confirmed and 47 suspected.

Saturday 16th June

  • Daily Record – Legionnaires outbreak: Five take legal action as they seek answers to what went wrongFive people are taking legal action over a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak which has left two people dead. The five, who are all understood to have contracted the disease, are seeking answers over what went wrong and have instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell.Health chiefs investigating the outbreak in Edinburgh today served an improvement notice on the National Museum of Scotland in the capital. Edinburgh City Council said the notice served on the museum relates to staff training issues and not the operation of cooling towers.

Friday 15th June

  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Second victim diesA second person has died after contracting Legionnaires’ disease in Edinburgh. The man, who was in his 40s, was from the Gorgie area of the city, which is at the centre of the outbreak. It is understood the man had underlying health issues and was being treated at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.The total number of confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease currently stands at 41. The number of suspected cases stands at 48.
  • The Scotsman – Legionnaires’ disease outbreak: Second victim dies in EdinburghA SECOND man has died of Legionnaires disease at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary last night. He was among the first suspected vict9ms to be admitted to hospital, and Health officials said the man, who has not been named, had “significant” pre-existing, underlying health conditions.Last night health secretary Nicola Sturgeon expressed sympathy to his family and stressed that cases of the disease are still believed to have stabilised. She said: “My sincere condolences go to the family and friends of the patient who passed away in Edinburgh tonight. My thoughts are with them at this very difficult time.“Despite this sad and tragic development, it remains the case that we believe the outbreak to have peaked.”

Thursday 14th June

  • The Scotsman – Legionnaires’ outbreak: Victim sues ‘to find why outbreak happened’One of the victims of the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak has started legal action against officials.Terry Holeran is one of 41 people confirmed as having contracted the disease in Edinburgh and is understood to be the first to take out legal action.He is seeking answers from NHS Lothian, Edinburgh city council and the Scottish Government as to why the outbreak happened, his legal team said.

Wednesday 13th June

  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Two more cases confirmedTwo further cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been confirmed in Edinburgh, bringing the total number to 41, with a further 47 suspected cases. Both of the newly confirmed cases had previously been classed as “suspected” meaning the overall number of cases remains unchanged at 88.Of those cases being treated in hospital, 11 are in intensive care and 19 are on general wards. The first case was identified on 28 May.

Tuesday 12th June

  • Source of legionnaires’ outbreak could be revealed within daysTEST results which may help pinpoint the source of Edinburgh’s legionnaires’ outbreak will be revealed within days.Health chiefs say they expect the results of samples taken from 20 cooling towers by the end of the week but admit they still may not conclusively identify the source.It comes as a second company was drawn into the ongoing probe after the Health and Safety Executive served improvement notices on chemical firm Macfarlan Smith, in Wheatfield Road, Gorgie.
  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Numbers ‘expected to fall’The doctor overseeing the Legionnaires’ outbreak in Edinburgh has predicted the number of patients contracting the disease “will soon begin to fall”. Dr Duncan McCormick, NHS Lothian consultant in public health medicine, said the number of people with the disease had not changed in 24 hours.He said the number of patients that had been discharged from hospital increased on Tuesday.In total, 88 cases have been confirmed or suspected.

Monday 11th June

  • HSE serves a further two Improvement Notices on Edinburgh cooling towerThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today served two Improvement Notices at a second Edinburgh company as part of its ongoing Legionella investigation.The Improvement Notices served on Macfarlan Smith Ltd, Wheatfield Road, Gorgie, Edinburgh require thorough cleaning of one of its cooling towers and provision of access for inspection and maintenance of that cooling tower.Both Notices can be appealed by the company within the next 21 days.
  • Latest developments in the Legionella outbreakThe Scotsman (Video 1:56 long)

Sunday 10th June

Saturday 9th June

Friday 8th June

  • HSE serves Improvement Notice on Edinburgh cooling towerThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today served an Improvement Notice on an Edinburgh company for alleged failures to adequately control the risk of legionella in a cooling tower.The Improvement Notice served on North British Distillery Company Ltd refers to one cooling tower at Wheatfield Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2PX. However, the company has chosen to take all three cooling towers out of operation.The Notice can be appealed by the company within the next 21 days.
  • BBC – Edinburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak: Distillery shuts down cooling towersCooling towers have been shut down at a whisky distillery in Edinburgh which is at the centre of an investigation into an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. The Health and Safety Executive has served an improvement notice on the North British Distillery for alleged failures to adequately control the risk of legionella in one of its towers.

Thursday 7th June

Wednesday 6th June


It’s worth noting that Legionella testing of cooling towers is required in the UK, and responses to trigger limits are also required by law. Penalties can be severe, but assigning responsibility when the distances over which Legionella can be dispersed via aerosol are large is of course a difficult task. While cooling towers are often assumed to be the source of Legionella outbreaks culturable legionella have also been isolated from hospital showers and potable water systems, as well as roadside puddles after a rainstorm. Unlike most other developed nations the United States does not mandate Legionella testing, and in fact voluntary guidelines are just being issued by industry groups and the CDC.

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